“A Friend Of The Family” 2022 Cast and Upcoming Episodes Review

“A Friend Of The Family” 2022 Cast and Upcoming Episodes Review-In this article, we are going to cover the new limited dramatized series “A Friend Of The Family”. This series premiered exclusively on peacock on Thursday, October 6th with four episodes and the remaining five will drop weekly through November 10th. A Friend Of The Family tells the harrowing true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over years by a charismatic family friend who was obsessed with her.

“A Friend Of The Family” Cast and Characters:

Creator: Nick and Tosca

  • Jake Lacey  as Robert Berchtold
  • Anna Paquin  as Mary Ann Broberg
  • Colin Hanks as Bob Broberg
  • Lio Tipton as Gail Berchtold
  • McKenna Grace as Jan Broberg
  • Hendrix  Yancey  as Young Jan Broberg
  • Mila Harris as Young Karen Broberg
  • Maggie Sonnier as Older Karen Broberg
  • Elle Lisic as Young Susan Broberg
  • Norah Murphy as Older Susan Broberg
  • Austin Stowell  as FBI Agent Peter Walsh
  • Patrick Fischler as Garth Pincock
  • Bree Elrod as Jennifer Ferguson
  • Phillip Ettinger  as Joe Berchtold

A Friend Of The Family

“A Friend Of The Family” Review:In the series  “A Friend Of The Family”, the devoted Mormon Broberg clan leads a tranquil existence in a little suburb of Idaho. They become best friends with their neighbors the Birch toads who also attend their church but the patriarch of the family Bob who also goes by B becomes obsessed with the eldest Broberg daughter Jan. He slowly manipulates the entire family to get closer to the girl who he wants to claim as his own until he kidnaps and sexually abuses her not once but twice.

The creator of the Friend of the family Nick and Tosca has been quite busy as of late when he’s not creating twisted mind-bending series like Channel zero or brand new cherry flavor. With a Friend Of The Family which people do think is his most accomplished work yet in this genre.

The series does a much better job at making it clear how something as diabolic as this could ever happen in the first place. I think the biggest thing working in a friend of the family’s favorite is how great the cast is Anna Paquin and Colin Hanks have the difficult task of making two typical 70s straight-laced blue-collar parents, interesting.A Friend Of The Family

Though they chose to cast two different females for the role of Jan even though the timeline between the two is only a few years apart, Hendrix Yancy, who plays Jan at the age of 12, is a dead ringer like the actual Broberg at that age and does a good job with the challenging subject.

Was McKenna Grace just available for a portion of the days used for filming? The stroke of genius here though was the casting of the Lotus and the office Alum Jake Lacy as the sociopathic Bob Birch told Lacey can capture exactly why the real-life man was able to accomplish this.

He is so damn charming and likable yet underneath the facade, the actor relishes in this character’s calculated manipulation slimy conduct, and sinister ulterior motives. His shit-eating grin and piercing take the audience prisoner and he creates a truly great screen villain in this process. It would be a crime if Lacey didn’t get a second Emmy nomination for his work. Here his performance that phenomenal.

A Friend of The Family series includes 9 episodes these are:

  1. Horse Back Riding in American Falls “
  2. “The Mission”
  3. “The Gift Of Tongues”
  4. ” Articles Of Faith “
  5. “The Bitter Cup”
  6. “Son Of Perdition “
  7. “the Great Deceiver”
  8. “Outer Darkness”
  9. “Revelation”. 

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