Aakasam 2022 Telugu Movie Review

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Aakasam Telugu Movie Review- The south movie industry is making history with its extraordinary content. For the past few years, there have been some amazing movies of different genres. Some of them are huge box office hits and some of them are not. But all of them are pretty much critically acclaimed .

Overview :

Release Date November 4, 2022
Director Ra.Karthik
Cast Ashok Selvan
, Ritu Verma
, Aparna Balamurali
, Shivatmika Rajeshwar, others
Genre Romentic
Language Telegu


With the remarkable and provoking storyline, they have become successful to win the hearts of millions. Today we will talk about a movie from the Telugu film industry called Aakasham which is directed by debutant Ra.Karthik. This was not a huge box of his success as I can say but the script impressed me a lot. Let’s take a brief look and the story of the movie.

Plot and story of Aakasam:

Ashok’s character who is the main lead of the film is a very introverted person. He doesn’t have a lot of friends because of his nature so he is a reserved person as we can say. Once he used to love a girl but then the tragedy happens. Many others will relate to this. As she was married to another man so his heart was broken.Aakasam movie review 2022

It affected him, He became depressed and had to consult a doctor it was not easy for him. The doctor then give him a diary where two different stories were written and suggested he read them. This is where the stories started to revolve.

As he started to read the stories and soon become very involved that he became a part of that. In his appearance in the story, he made two different girls, and then further that story started to grow. He couldn’t stop reading or didn’t want to pause because he also wanted to know the destiny of what happened in the last.

I would not spoil you with the ending because for that you have to watch the movie by yourself. Arjun’s journey has been portrayed very beautifully by the director. From his depression to the journey of getting into in fictional world by reading stories – a different kind of story that will touch your heart.


The cinematography of the movie won my heart, it’s beautiful and very mesmerizing with all the beautiful scenes and places. Video has become successful to create the proper atmosphere for the movie.

The female leads stars as well as the girl who played the doctor deserve our appreciation. The chemistry which has been shown between Ashok and his leading ladies is not very perfect but the director has tried his best to bring the magic between them.

But the person who deserves the huge applause this none other than Ashok because playing three different characters simultaneously is not easy and he did that job quite decently. Fans will be impressed to see him with such an improved performance. His facial expressions and delivery of dialogue are good. Good work Ashok.

Though it is the first movie of the director still we can give him some applause too. The music of the movie is also going well with the vibe. But one thing that lacks is the crafting. It could be better. So it would have been a lot more interesting to see.

The people who watched it mostly shared positive responses and liked the story. In the future, we would love to see different shades of the cast and the crew.

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