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All about the launching of the new Apple TV 4Ks  

All about the launching of the new Apple TV 4Ks

Overview : Price and Quality

Apple announced that its Apple TV 4K boxes have been updated with a new processor, and it will be able to handle high frame rate HDR video which will result in displaying smoother, more colourful sports events.

Apple launched two different Apple TV 4Ks this year one with the wifi only option and one with LAN connectivity. So you have one where you have no wired glitter you just use the power cable and that’s all the other one we have is with the LAN RJ45RJ45 because you get more stable connectivity, so one is launched at the price tag of 129.99$ and the other one with the LAN connectivity RJ45 connection that is for 149.99$.

Apple TV 4Ks box

Now we’re gonna look at whether you should buy it or not:

First, let’s keep looking at the differences. So one major difference that you will find between the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4K 2022 model is the a12 versus the a15 bionic chip so you know that the processing is really important when it comes to streaming devices and Apple TV 4K 2022 has this new brand a15 bionic chip.

If you are looking at the battery processing when it comes to the picture quality and sound processing and the delays that you see when there’s a sync issue so a15 gonna fix that so that’s the upgraded chip.

Now look at the second big difference and it’s really good news for the people out there who have Samsung TVs because now the Apple TV 4K model can support the HDR 10 plus.

Apple TV 4Ks

HDR 10 plus is a new format of HDR that offers higher levels of brightness contrast.


Now look at the other one,iPhones that Apple gets rid of the lightning connector, so the remote control on the Apple TV 4K 2022 model now does not have the lightning connector anymore it is the USB type C Siri remote.

So now the good news is that the Apple TV 4K 2022 model remote control comes with the type C connector. The lighting connector is a USB 2.0 and the transfer rates are horrible.

Remote quality:

Apple TV 4K comes with a completely redesigned remote made of aluminium with physical buttons, instead of the old remote’s touchpad.

It can also control your TV’s power. Instead of a touchpad, it has a wheel for controlling the display.

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