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All Christmas Saints: Review and All You Need to Know 1

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All Christmas Saints: Review and All You Need to Know- All Saints Christmas is the story of a woman named Lisette, who is a popular singer, all set to travel back home to New Orleans. But when the media and news reporters mistake a photo of her with her ex-boyfriend as a pronouncement of their engagement, Lisette’s family insists she take him along on the trip.

The movie is of the romance genre. It is directed by Troy A. Scott, and the music director is Kent Rock, produced by Spaghetti Productions. Since the storyline is pretty unusual and has been carefully planned, the credits must be mentioned. The entire storyline is created by Tracy Andreen, Patricia Cuffle-Jones, and Chad Quinn. Made in Canada, it was released on November 6, 2022, in the USA.

All Christmas Saints
‘All Christmas Saint’s ‘ Cast image

‘All Christmas Saints’ Cast:

  1. Artine Tony Brown as Rocky
  2. Colleen Machnikowski as Oshun
  3. Darien Martin
  4. Denzel Brooks as Indian Bass
  5. Don Mike as Bob
  6. Erica Ise as the New Orleans tourist
  7. Ledisi as Lisette
  8. Lucia Walters as Gia Cole
  9. Michael Kethia as Bob
  10. Miranda Edwards as Taborah
  11. Peter Bryant as Abner
  12. Roger Cross as Matthew
  13. Tosca Baggoo as Orca
  14. Trezzo Mahoro as Clay

 All Christmas Saints Review:

The start of the movie introduces us to the characters decently enough. The twist in the film is when the main plot of a fake engagement is executed. After that, the movie continues just for the sake of a meaningful and appropriate ending. You can’t really expect any crests or troughs or other similar, smaller plot twists. It goes on about Ledisi’s father’s retirement, and sadly her last performance at his club.

But a side story can also be seen being shown to the audience on the detest between Lisette and her high school friend, Gia Cole (played by Lucia Walters), dating way back to their homes. As for the acting and dialogue delivery, it would be much more impactful if improved. The chemistry depicted between Lisette and Matthew (played by Roger Cross) is pretty decent.All Christmas Saints (2022)

As for the best parts, music lovers might like the movie because there are many singing scenes of Ledisi, which are honestly sweet. Overall, a one-time movie, for an afternoon.

Release Date & Rating:

The movie ‘All Saints Christmas’ is rated a solid 6.9 out of 10, based on 59 reviews, on the popular movie listing site IMDb. The country of origin is Canada and was released on 6th November 2022 in the USA.

Tell us in the comments if you would like to watch it, and if you have watched it, what would you rate it out of 10?

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