Amazon Prime 2022: Top 5 Releases on Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime 2022: Top 5 Releases on Amazon Prime 

Today’s OTT platforms offer a large number of web series and movies that are delivered in a variety of genres that appeal to the public. While every genre is popular, the article provides the top favourite movies that are attracting the most viewers.

So here are Top 5 Movies on Amazon Prime along with their category of genre for the folks who are often exposed to the question of ‘what to watch next’?

1.The Northman

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Directed by Robert Edgers, it is a delightfully violent and completely radical movie. Alexander Skarsgrd, a contemporary Viking, plays a prince seeking to get revenge on those who killed his father, and he does so with both amazing violence and patience. The drama and action genre film will surely please the people who desire to suck blood from the skulls of your adversaries.


2.’Catherine Called Birdy’

Based on YA Drama and comedy genre film, ‘Catheeine Called Birdy’ by Lena Dunham, incorporates current pop songs and Gen Z slang while still dressing up their main characters in elaborate gowns and powdered wigs. The movie unstuffs the past by telling the story of a young woman whose parents want to wed her off in order to regain some medieval clout. As a result, she hatches a plot to thwart their intentions. You see, she’s young.


3.Dog (2022)

Amazon prime The movie is an all-time favourite for the people who adore the faithful soul, dog! The movie follows Channing Tatum and a dog accross a road trip and tells the tale of an Army veteran (Tatum) who rushes to the funeral of a buddy who has died while carrying his friend’s dog. Although it’s not essential, it’s a simple film to see that will stir up your emotions without overtaxing your brain.


4.The Lost City (2022)

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Experience a perfect romantic getaway with ‘The Lost City’ by  Aaron Nee and Adam Nee. Full of adventure, romance and comedy, the movie follows a romance novelist who is kidnapped by a villainous millionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) who wants to follow her to a hidden treasure mentioned in one of her books. Channing Tatum, the pathetic male model who appeared on her book covers, agrees to help her out, and you can probably predict what follows next. It’s a good movie to watch if you need to kill two hours and eat a pint of ice cream.


5.Thirteen Lives (2022)

Amazon prime The realism and heroism based thriller and drama movie by Ron Howard is about the Tham Luang Thai cave rescue. The movie centres on the international group of cave divers and their tireless efforts to rescue a boys soccer team as well as the coach.

A chain of challenges confronting the rescue team adds on to the complexity of the ‘trapped in cave’ case.

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