Amazon prime Best 5 Romentic Movies:Here are your must watch Romantic and Fantasy Movies I Streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon prime Best  Romentic Movies:Here are your must watch Romantic and Fantasy Movies I Streaming on Amazon Prime

A lot of romantic and fantasy shows are engrossing and love-filled. The shows mentioned here provide you with a lot of lovely romance that will make you cuddle with your partner. The popularity of love and romantic genre movies is on the rise with new innovative fictions joining timeless favorites that are gaining new audiences every day thanks to streaming platforms. You crave to consume more and more of this content because of the addictive intrigue it has.

If you are looking for fantastic and romance stories, Amazon Prime has built a collection of compelling, genuine romance movies to satisfy every lover’s appetites. So check out this list of Must watch  romantic and fantasy Movies available on Amazon Prime.

1.Words on Bathroom Walls (2020):It’s time to trust and feel your heart totally for a lovely movie awaits you! The movie narrates the story of two teenagers, extremely opposite by nature, who fall in love unexpectedly. Despite being afraid of his schizophrenic identity, Adam falls for a carefree Maya.

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Watch and discover whether Adam fails to keep his secret or Maya accepts him the way is.

2.Sylvie’s Love (2020):
Humans constantly want to escape from the dark reality and hatred of the world. And the film does exactly the same, it will make you fall in love with love again.

Sylvie's Love on Amazon prime

A cheesy yet fantasy romantic movie wins hearts when two past lovers reunite after years and learns that their feelings for each other never ended.

3.It Had to Be You (2000):

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Love fails when the story lacks challenges. The romantic movie features two young but engaged people who fall in love at first sight.Could they call off their previous engagements or breakup is the only option? Watch the movie to get the answer.

4.What if (2014):The rom-com stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan as 2 timeless Best Buddies.

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As they have known each other for years the relationship becomes quite more than best friends and the two decide to explore whether they are meant to be together as a couple or not.

5.A Rainy Day in New York (2020):Rain stands as a synonym for romance. The rom-com hybrid genre movie by Woody Allen, is what every girl wants.


The movie follows 2 college teens who want to spend a perfect evening in New York but little did they knew what was going to happen to them. Though the movie unfolds the unplanned and mostly surprising scenes, it is all-fun to watch them.

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