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American Murderer 2022 Review: Story, Caste and Story

American Murderer 2022 Review: Story, Caste and Story

Release date: 21st October
Director: Matthew Gentile
Starring: Tom Pelphery, Ryan Phillippe

American Murderer Review

American Murderer

The box office Friday was just yesterday. And everyone’s been waiting for new movies to release. Last Friday was not an exception. The protagonist of our movie is Jason who is actually a murderer. The FBI has been finding him like anything following a 2004 murder. So there are mystery thrill and drama. When it comes to his professional life he is a businessman atleast tries to portray himself so. But in deep down there are shades of his character that we don’t know and needs to be unfolded. Another characteristics of his character that we came to know that he is a sympathy gainer.

People often get fooled by that and it’s normal. This most wanted fellow is quite cunning as you can see.
The plot of story is in Salt Lake City. After he went became missing FBI started their investigation to search for him . As we go back in time we can see eighteen months early picture where we can find a character called Melanie.

She is seen having a relationship with Jason. It has to be mentioned that she has a son and Jason was kind to him. So we can also see this kind behavior of Jason which is a totally different shade of him. Leising tried to convince Melanie about the criminality of Jason but Melanie was so involved with him that she refused to believe anything.

American Murderer

There are several flashbacks that has been portrayed in this movie. There are parts of Jason’s childhood and stories about his father. He has siblings as well a brother and a sister. Jason has that kind of dark personality as well where he is seen dancing intimately with girls and having drugs . He goes to strip clubs and is seen with stolen credit card.
Now coming to the final review.A

As a whole the movie has been blended well in terms of genres. But the characters individually lacks some basic emotions let it be Leising or Melanie. They are desperate in their own world not considering anything else . The movie lacks in its structure. The sequence of the incidents that happened sometimes feels like very confusing.

American Murderer

The storytelling doesn’t fit really well. The transparency should have been more. The evolution of the characters should have been more precise.

Lastly if you are bored and want something spicy with some thrill you can go with your buddies . Otherwise it’s not something worth a lot to enjoy as a theatre show. As after October 28 it will be available for online streaming.

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