Apex Legends Season 15 Review: Perfect; All You Need to Know

Apex Legends Season 15 Review: Perfect; All You Need to Know- Apex Legends Season 15 is just around the corner, and it is absolutely unmissable. The details that have been leaked are the most intriguing ones anyone has ever hoped for before a whole season reveal.

The Game:

Apex Legends Season 15 is built around the theme of ‘Eclipse’. Sounds crazy. The new update allegedly includes a whole new Legend, a damn crazy new map, and new skins. There is also a rumor that they are planning to release a new weapon as well. Want to know what else they’ve lined up for you? Read on to find out.

Release Date:

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is all set to release on 1st November 2022. This information was provided by the in-game Season 14 Battle Pass, which is to be continued till the same date. The craze for the game is such that players are going to have to develop some patience, as the statistics predict that the server is going to crash for a while. Now that’s real gaming.

Apex Legends Season 15 Review

The New Legend:

Of course, there is a new Legend, since a new season is on its way out. The new Legend is a trans-woman named Catalyst, with a specific killset (see what I did there?). She plays carefree with Ferrofluid, an extremely reactive substance for making instant structures. Her special abilities include making a damaging wall of Ferrofluid that impairs visibility & slows down others’ motility.

She can also throw Ferrofluid traps on the floor, slowing down her enemies. In the backstory line, she is seen in constant arguments with Seer, holding him responsible for whatever happened to her family. To be fair, it isn’t even really his fault, but hopefully, more will be revealed on this later.


Season 15 seems to be focused upon Boreas, the planet that Seer and Catalyst (the new Legend) consider their home. So basically, Seer seems to be dominating the season. He was added in Season 10, with not so many details revealed about him. This allows the story writers to give him a kickass background story, making him all the while way more interesting, than we have been told. There is also speculation that we might get to see a whole Heirloom being added in the upcoming season.

The New Map:

The single most eagerly awaited update here is the new map: the Divided Moon. It is assumed to be the second largest map in the game, just after Storm Point, with approximately 16 POIs. It is said to be divided into two halves: idyllic (with gardens and decorated structures) and barren (stony land). Another interesting feature includes ziprails. Now, I know what you must be thinking, ‘it is probably a typo’. Let me assure you, NO, it’s not. Ziprails are like zip lines but they are faster and can corner sharply. The only downside is that it does not sit well with stealth, so make sure to be alert while using one.

Any New Weaponry Additions:

The last weapon we can remember being added in the ‘legendary’ game is in Season 11, the CAR SMG. Now, the latest leak suggests that new weapons are ready to be deployed. One such weapon is the all-new Burst-Assault Rifle ‘Nemesis’, quite similar to Hemlok. Its specialty is that it charges as it fires, and once fully charged, its lethality increases when it becomes a fully automatic rifle. But there is something else, which seems to be exciting for the players.

The ‘Gemini SMG’ becomes more dangerous and catastrophic when you carry two, one in each weapon slot. Its fire rate increases along with the handling speed. Another sick weapon seems to be the ‘Scorpion C80’, a presumably fully automatic crossbow. Overall, it’s going to light some fireworks!

Season 15 Battle Pass:

If you’re a dedicated streamer, who wants to entertain their audiences to the fullest, I’m sure you aren’t going to miss the Season 15 Battle Pass. It is predicted that this time, the Battle Pass style will be cybernetic, including character and weapon skins, garnering full-on techno vibes.

Ready to play? 

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