Avengers Secret Wars: Who is Michael Waldron?

Avengers Secret Wars : Who is Michael Waldron?- As many of you know Marvel is going to close out phase six with secret wars and this should be the biggest Marvel event film Avenger secret wars is going to be the big saga capping event .Marvel Studios has given us a big clue on what to expect from Avengers: Secret Wars. They found a writer for the project and it turns out. We can look to Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness to really get an idea of how this is gonna go.

Let’s take a couple minutes to talk about writer Michael Waldron who’s been added to the project .

Michael Waldron: who you probably recognized by that name because he’s pretty trusted by Marvel studios at this point now after writing all six episodes of the Loki Disney plus series .Loki Disney plus series sure I still prefer One Division out of all the MCU series but Loki is probably the best written Disney plus series and just the best series overall.
Doctor Strange in the multiverse and madness which his writing for that was definitely heavily critiqued .

Michael Waldron

Avenger secret wars is still a pretty long ways off but we do now know who is going to write the film now .This has been confirmed via deadline and what they are reporting is that Loki and Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness writer Michael Waldron is indeed set to write the screenplay for Avengers secret wars .

Michael Waldron’s involvement in the project makes absolutely great sense he did help introduce Kang and Loki and fully fleshed out the concept of the Multiverse in the doctor strange sequel .Now film doesn’t have a director yet but it does appear Marvel is going to have a different director than the Kang Dynasty in case you forgot Jeff Lovelace is set to write that film destined Daniel Cretan the director of Shang Chi set to direct .

Michael Waldron did a darn good job on Loki .His grasp on the content as well as providing nice continuity of story because he worked on their previous installment should make for a great film . Waldron’s handling of the Multiverse in previous installments should give us a good sign of how it’ll work in this upcoming film now. We’re going to be focused on secret wars a lot moving forward . We’ve got a summary for both comic series coming up in the next couple of months .

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