Gaming Session 2022 : Best Five accessories to improve your mobile gaming season

Gaming Session 2022: Five accessories to improve your mobile gaming season

In this article we are going to talk about the best mobile gaming accessories that you might need to improve your mobile gaming . Here you can find the best recommendation for your needs . Mobile gaming is the most popular video gaming platform right now. There are a lot of games that you can download on your mobile phone may it be Racing,RPG,MOBA , FPS or any casual games just to pass the time.Like in PC gaming eSports for mobile games are now being held.

If you are planning to be a serious professional mobile gamer or just a competitive casual player. You might need these mobile gaming accessories to improve your gameplay.

1. Mobile Phone Coolers: Prolonged use of your phones and heavy power consumption of mobile games cause excessive heating . Overheating of mobile devices may cause lags and frame drops.

Mobile Gameing cooler

Overheating can be prevented with the use of mobile phone coolers. These are small devices that can be attached to the back of the phones to cool your devices.The most affordable that we recommend is the MemoDL01 .

This is one of the most basic and simple phone coolers. For tablets and larger devices, Memo DL05 is an upgraded version that can be adjusted for bigger devices like tablets. An upgrade is the RGB lighting ,adjustable strap,and the LED temperature indicator.

The coolers can be magnetically attached. Some of the coolers that can be magnetically attached using the magsafe are the Black Shark magnetic coolers Plextone EX2, and GameSir F9.

2.Finger Sleeves: Mobile pro gamers use sleeves for a more consistent contact of their fingers to their mobile phone’s touch screen.There are many generic finger sleeves in the market, but premium finger sleeves are more conductive by weaving metal fibres that will make sure that the contact is more consistent while gaming.

Finger Sleeves

Flydigi offers a variety of finger sleeves like their wasp feelers and their silver-cloth variant.

3. Earphones / Headphones : Gaming experience is not complete without the sound . We can always get by the speakers of our phones but as an aspiring competitive player, sound cues are important to win a game.

Sound information is very vital in battle royal shooting games to determine the location of enemies. It is also important to hear the callouts of your teammates.

Gaming use Earphone and headphones

Plexton RX3 is an earphone designed for gamers because it has a detachable microphone with noise cancelling feature.The MKEPS gaming headphones with addition of RGB lighting effect .A more premium option which is popular to streamers and pro eSports players is the HyperX Stinger headset.

4. Shoulder Buttons: shoulder triggers or buttons unlike PC and console gaming , in mobile gaming the buttons are cramped inside the screen and is limiting your vision when playing.Trigger buttons are made emulate console experience in your mobile gaming, adding extra physical buttons.Flydigi is a company that specialises in creating products for mobile gaming , their shadow Stinger.

Shoulder Buttons

Tigger-2 has the second – generation capacitance isolation mapping technology and triggers are more sensitive. It can record click frequency and has a removable design of main and auxiliary keys for four fingers and six fingers set-up.It has an Ergonomic body organic curved surface and is comfortable to hold.

5.Audio-Charger Splitters: Audio-charger splitters and charging Cables with the trend of smartphone manufacturing , the removal of the headphone jack. Most phones cannot use wired headphones while charging.An audio-charger splitters can be useful for an uninterrupted mobile gaming experience so you can still use your wired earphones while charging.

5.Audio-Charger Splitters

The Mcdodo splitter is designed for gaming for both type C and lighting cable. The PLEXTONE Gs1 is a charging and headphones hub with a Type C virtual sound card for a more immersive gaming experience.

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