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Best Movies Coming to HBO Max in November 2022

Best Movies Coming to HBO Max in November 2022-

 The month of November is going to be very exciting for movie lovers around the world. In HBO Max there are a lot of movies going to come in HBO Max. The season of the holiday will start with some exciting and entertaining films because HBO has a fresh list of new movies.

Fans have plenty to enjoy throughout November every kind of movie will be there on HBO like comedy, action, adventure, etc. For the first time, Max also introduces some new documentaries as well as some direct-to-video films along with a couple of original movies. Fans will never want to miss this great chance of watching the best new movies on HBO. We will help fans to know how many movies will come to HBO in November in this context below.

Best Movies Coming to HBO Max in November 2022
Best Movies Coming to HBO Max in November 2022

Here is the complete list of all the upcoming movies-: 

1.Star Trek Movies-:


StarTrek 2022 Release on HBO Max

Star Trek is regarded as one of the best and biggest sci-fi franchises of all time. They have various repetitions in movies as well as on television. HBO Max will welcome 6 Star Track movies in the next month. The different stories include an Enterprise surrounded by a spacefaring ship, This ship shows many unusual new worlds and another universe that has good and bad. The movie is going to be released on the 1st of November.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas-:

HBO Max 2022

Only a short story is published yet by National Lampoon. This movie is one of the movies from National Lampoon’s list. It is a classic holiday movie that made its process into a culture-like lot of pop. So, this movie is going to be HBO Max on the best in November. This will also release on the 1st of November. The story of it is a misadventure of the Griswold family. The family is led by Chevy Chase during Christmas. They have suffered from many accidents, disturbing moments and things that no one can even imagine will happen in real life also happen to them.

When they find out that all their relatives want to come to meet with them at their house in the holidays, their life becomes more insane due to a house full of people and them coming in each other way. This will be one of the best comedy movies coming to HBO next month. 

3. Se7en-:



It is a story about two detectives who are looking for a serial killer. The killer first did two murders, gluttony and greed before the force handed the case to Somerset and Mills. The actual craze occurs when the clues of the murders led them toward the third victim representing the sloth just before he passed away. Before his death, he was in a very serious condition that can’t answer the detectives’ questions. But they do get some photographic evidence that clearly shows the murders pre-planned. Somerest and Mills both try hard to catch the murderers before the other victims. This movie is going to be a thriller for the fans and it will release on the 1st of November.

4. Harry Potter-:


It is the most loved movie of all time. After a long break, Harry Potter is returning to HBO Max next month. All eight movies of Harry Potter are returning to HBO. Their fans will see his school days where he learns about how to control and use magic as well as he also deals with some new challenges and dark forces looking for a comeback to regain their power. There Harry has many friends who are willing to help him in every tough situation. It is coming to HBO on November 1st.

5. Say Hey, Willie Mays-:


It will come to HBO on the 8th of November. It is a documentary about the life of a popular baseball player Willie Mays. It includes every single thing about his life that he or his other family members told in their interviews. His fans will come to know a lot of unknown things about him through this movie.

6. Master of Light-:

HBO Max 2022

It is a movie about a classical painter named George Anthony Morton. He had spent a couple of years in his life in prison because of drug dealing. There in prison, he tried to improve himself and focus on his painting skills. After being released from prison he came back to his hometown and started drawing pictures of his family. Through these pictures, he tries to heal and find out where he will fit in society. It is coming to HBO on 16th November.

7. A Christmas Story Christmas-:

HBO Max November 2022

It is a holiday movie going to be released on the 17th of November. Not many details about the movie are revealed. But reports claim that it will be going to be very exciting for fans.

8.Love, Lizzo-: 



It is a life story of a popular music artist Lizzo. The movie will show the journey of Lizzo into the world of music and the way she became so popular in this field. Love, Lizzo explores all her hard work dedication, and love for music that has brought her to this stage in life. It will come to HBO Max on 24th November    

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