Best Show and Movies Trending On Netflix November 2022

Best shows and movies trending on Netflix: November 2022- The month of November is here and a lot of new movies and TV shows are going to debut very soon. Almost year end of 2022 and we finally need some rest. Reserve this weekend for yourself and have some fun. You can watch them on Netflix alone or with your buddies. It’s up to you. But whatever you do you will definitely enjoy. here are some of the recommendations for your November watch list. I have added some movies as well as some cities thinking about the taste of different fans. Here are the list along with a brief description of them.

  1. ‘Enola Holmes 2’ (2022)-As we all know the first movie in Enola Holmes was released before and it was also announced that a sequel of the movie will be released.  NetflixSo finally the wait is over as ‘Enola Holmes 2’ has been released on Netflix. For those who don’t know, Enola Holmes is the is sister of world renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.But this time she’s fighting by herself she is here to prove that she is no less than her super talented brother and has a different fan following as well. Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill will serve you it dynamic brother and sister duo. But according to the fans they had more expectation from it. But you can still watch it if you are a franchise lover.

  2.  Lusala (2019)-In a word this movie is amazing and you will not regret watching it.  NetflixReleased in 2019 this movie was a win from the critic. This movie is not known by everybody and so it’s very underrated but recently Netflix had added this and you can watch it now. The young boy was rescued from his abusive family after 10 years and was Adopted by a Nairobi family. then he leaves his home to live his own life Starts to explode it and struggle to fight with his past. this movie will teach you about life which is really important.

  3.  School for Good and Evil (2022)-The movie is directed by Paul Feig. Netflix If you love fantasy then this movie is for you. I guess we all have some desires to land in a Disneyland someday. But we are not Disney Princess. Worry not Netflix is here to land you in fictional land where two princesses Sophie and Agatha will go to the school For good and evil and things will take place. The cinematography is good and the director has tries his best to craft the movie to be lovable. The movie The movie is colorful fun and exciting so you can go for it in November.

  4. The Good Nurse (2022)- Though this movie is not a box office hit but it is very much loved by the fans on netflix.  NetflixThe movie stars Oscar winners Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain. The mystery come thriller should be a must watch for everybody in this November. The performance of Jessica is amazing as usual while for Eddie it is decent . Fans are loving the story of the movie as well as the suspense. You cannot expect good endings from this kind of movie. But it’s definitely worth watching.

  5. Big Mouth (2022)- This Very popular TV show was released in 2022 and gathered widespread media coverage.November 2022 The lead stars of this show art Lee Jung Suk and Yoona. It is one of the most popular Korean drama of this year and jongsuk was praised for his performance. The series is a bit entangled And confusing but the ending is just too unexpected. If you are a fan of k drama I guess you have already watched it and if you haven’t go for it. And for international fans English subtitles are available as always.

  6.  The Amazing Race ( Season 5 and 7) ‘2022’– The Amazing Race has a lot of seasons as you know it and this time Netflix has added the season five and season 7 of the respective show. This popular TV show used to aired on television and now it is making a OTT debut. There is a lot of cast in the show and the story line is also interesting. The city’s lover who has been watching this show for a long time can now watch this on Netflix.

  7. Manifest ( season 4 part 1 ) ‘2022’– The season 4 of manifest is finally here after a lot of speculation. Previously it was cancelled by NBC in 2021 but this incredible show is finally back. The show is the continuation from the last season. There are total 20 episodes here so you can binge watch them with your popcorn. the cast and the crew has tried to deliver a good performance altogether and is quite receiving the positive responses from the fans. This show has a lot of fan following due to its unique content and is said to be returned with the part two of the same season.

  8.  The secret of the Greso family (season 1 ) ‘2022’- This thriller recently released on Netflix we leave you panting.November 2022 Based on a real life story these cities would show you the journey of the family who used to kidnap wealthy people in return of ransom in order to maintain their high profile lifestyle. Sounds very disturbing right yes it is. The director of the show is Sebastian Ortega and here the Greso of family is being exposed. They had been using a mask throughout the whole time in the 1980s. But digging the tunnel it can be found out that nothing was normal. There are total nine episode and each episode is one hour so it is perfect for binge watching you can definitely add this to your watch list.

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