Burial Movie Review: Mystery Unfold?

Ben Parker is back with yet another movie. Burial is his new period drama based on the time just after World War II. The storyline could be more promising but the writer decided to keep it nominal.

The movie starts with a sudden attack by a neo-Nazi. He with a mask on entered the house of a lady named Anna. The reason behind the attack was to solve some mystery.

Anna on the other hand was well prepared for the untimely attack. And rather than calling for the police, she decided to take care of it herself. Not only that, she decided to narrate the whole long story and unfold the mystery to a stranger.

So in Burial, She moved back to 1945 when she used to be a part of a small Russian Troop. She was then named to be as Brana. Soon after World War II she along with her troop got on a mission. That is to carry the dead body of Hitler in a trunk to Moscow.


But they were attacked by the Nazis at that time and could not complete the mission. Parker did a great job when it comes to cinematography and other technicalities. But when it comes to the storyline viewers might expect a bit more.

However, Burial can be a one-time watch. Some can even find it funny and have a great laugh for some of its cheap thrills.

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