Monica, O my darling 2022 movie review: A mixed potion of thriller and suspense or same old plots?

Monica, O my darling Review: A mixed potion of thriller, suspense, and leisure– Netflix’s Monica, O my darling just dropped and the masses can’t stop giving their positive and negative reviews to the movie after a long wait so, here we are with our investigation, is the movie as bewildering or mediocre as the audience … Read more

Netflix: Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer: Monster’ 2022 series is all the creeps you need!

Jeffrey Dhamer on netflix

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer: Monster’ series at Netflix- Serial killer? Umm you heard it right . The world is diverse and so are the people. There’s so many different kinds of people around the world. And none of them are same . There are people who kills other we call them murderer. That’s very common. We … Read more

The Rings of Power Episode 9 Review

The Rings of Power Episode 9 Excitement about new show and new episodes of a tv series is very normal amongst the fans and specially when the show is very popular. They eagerly wait for new episodes and want to see how the story revolves. This show already contains a lot of suspenses that the … Read more

‘House of Dragon’ episode 9 Full Review Trailer and Story

‘House of Dragon’ episode 9 Trailer and Story  ‘House of the Dragon’ is an American fantasy drama television series created by George R. R. Martin and Ryan J. Condal for HBO. As you know in the game of Thrones tradition the second to the last episode is considered the dreaded episode. This is something I … Read more

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