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Double XL (2022): Release date,Cast, Plot, Trailer Everything Else we Known

All About The Movie ‘Double XL’ 2022- Bollywood is gearing up for the today movies  to be released the  Friday. Several movies are in the line which is highly anticipated. But in this segment, we will particularly talk about a movie called ‘ Double XL’. The original movie is in the Hindi language. Janhvi Kapoor starrer Mili and Katrina Kaif starrer Phone Bhoot will be also released with it. So there is going to be tough competition.


Director Satram Ramani
Release Date 4th November 2022
Cast Sonakshi Sinha
Human Queries
Zaheer Iqbal

‘Double XL’ Trailer



The trailer of the movie was released previously. From this, we can somehow plot the movie graph. The two main leads who are Sonakshi and Huma are seen throughout the whole time expressing their characters.

Huma, who is a plus-size woman wants to be a reporter. She is passionate about it and shoots and edits her videos herself. She does all of this in the hope to be noticed someday and pursuing her dream career in the said field. But because of her appearance, she finds it hard. She tries from her side but things don’t work out. The man of her dream is cricketer Shekhar Dhawan. And all she wants is to be a sports reporter who delivers news from the field. People’s bodies shame her all the very demotivating times. So she almost gave up her dream to become who she wants to be.

Double XL Movie Review

On the other hand, Sonakshi is a fashion designer. But she wants to start her brand. Because of her being overweight, she too is body shamed so much. Her life seems so non-organized and she looks super frustrated in the trailer. Destiny has its turn. Somehow these two met. And they could relate to each other very deeply. They broke down in tears. As they should. But it was not a time they should give up.

The rest of the trailer shows their journey to fight to fit in a world where everyone deserves equal space. With the help of Sonakshi, both of them will go to London to pursue their dreams. And shut the mouth of people who once underestimated them. They were trying to live their lives and nothing could be better than that.

‘Double XL’ Movie Plot :

The plot is about two overweight women who were failures in their individual lives due to being XXL. But society is no one to tell us who we are and how we should live our lives. The stereotype tags of the so-called society are nothing to define our true selves.
But to move on in life one must fight back. From every angle, the trailer looks quite promising. The journey of two women trying to live their lives without getting fat-shamed. We are beautiful in our ways. And there must be a standard about how to fit in.

‘Double XL’ Movie Review:

But the reviews are in. And all the expectations are shattered. The story could have turned out a lot better. The crafting is somehow faulty. The director failed to plot all the things in order.
Any movie lover who will go to the hall with a lot of expectations will be very disappointed. The performances of Sonakshi and Huma are decent. In some places, they are lacking in portraying their characters properly.

The screenwriting is not that strong. The boring self-realization story of two overweight women is not worthy of watching. The social message that was tried to be shown here is remarkable but not the movie itself. We expected a lot better. In one line the spark is missing. You can still watch this if you are interested in an average comedy. That’s it! 

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