‘Double XL’ Movie Review | Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi tried their best

‘Double XL’ Movie Review|Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi tried their best-The box office Friday is here and we have a ton of new movies. While janvi Kapoor is gearing with her thriller movie ‘Milli’ on the other hand Katrina Kaif is making her come back to big screen with ‘phone bhoot’. And there is another movie starring Sonakshi and Huma called ‘double xl’ Has also released today. So you can see there is a tough competition. Three movie has different genres and storylines.

Double XL trailer was conveying its story. Fans were really excited to experience it in the hall. But according to the reviews given throughout the social media it can be only given 1.5 Out of 5 stars.

‘Double XL’ Movie Overview:

Director Satram Ramani
Release Date 4th November,2022
Cast Sonakshi Sinha
Human Queresi
Zaheer Iqbal
Language Hindi
Review Rate 1.5 Out of 5       ⭐⭐⭐ 

Double XL , Movie Review
‘Double XL’  Plot:

The trailer of the movie was released previously. From which we can somehow plot the movie graph. The two main leads whom are Sonakshi and Huma are seen throughout the whole time expressing their characters. Huma, who is a plus size woman wants to be a reporter. She is passionate about it and shoots and edits her videos herself. She does all of this in the hope to be noticed some day and pursue her dream career in the said field.
But because of her appearance she finds it hard. She tries from her side but things don’t work out. The man of her dream is cricketer Shekhar Dhawan. And all she wants is to be a sports reporter who delivers news from the field. People body shame her all the times which are very demotivating. So she almost gave up her dream to become who she wants to be.
On the other hand, Sonakshi is a fashion designer. But she wants to start her own brand. Because of her overweight , she too is body shamed so much. Her life seems so non organized and she looks super frustrated in the trailer.
The destiny has its own turn. Somehow these two met. And they could relate to each other very deeply. They broke down in tears. As they should. But it was not a time they should give up. The rest of the trailer shows their journey to fight in order to fit in a world where everyone deserves equal space. With the help of Sonakshi, both of them will go to London to pursue their dreams. And shut the mouth of people who once underestimated them. They were trying to live their lives and nothing could be better than that.double xl

‘Double XL’ Audiance Review :

The reviews are in. Already there was a tough competition in the box office this week. Because of that stars were promoting their movie at their best level. As I said earlier the trailer look quite promising so fans had a lot of expectation from this. But they he came back from the hall disappointed.
The poor script writing led the movie to it dull and boring combination. There’s almost shouting throughout the whole movie. The body image issues could have been portrayed in a way that is relatable to everyone but it’s not. The real essence of the movie is missing Because of the characters poor evolution.
One of the reasons for its failure is it’s story which is highly predictive so for what fans will go and watch? a sensitive issue related to woman did not do a lot of justice to the movie.Sonakshi and Huma tried their best but it’s not their fault. The high profile lifestyle of the girls was not something normal.
When you will watch the movie you will feel like no it just didn’t work out . According to the fans who responded to the social media it was a waste of time or waste of money and blah blah. Sonakshi and Huma both had a chance to prove themselves through this but the movie didn’t let them do so.
If you are still interested or just wanna watch a movie off topic you can go for it otherwise it’s not worth watching. The intention of the movie should be to satisfy the viewers and it just failed in that so better luck next time. 

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