‘Drink Masters’2022 on Netflix: Cast Review

‘Drink Masters’ on Netflix The  television industry has lots of cooking shows, baking shows, and shows on foods. Most people love to watch these shows. For that Netflix created and telecasted a new TV series on drinks. Yes, you are right.

Here is a series based on cocktails streamed on Netflix, which is none other than Drink Masters. This show is a competition series of bartenders from various places. Drink Masters contains ten episodes. If you are interested in drinks and cocktails, then this show is for you and you will like it. The format of the show is a battle between the bartenders for the grand prize of US $100,000 with the title of Ultimate Drink Master. The host of Drink Masters is Tone Bell.

The owner of The Clever Club and New York’s influential bartender Julie Reiner, The Godfather of Modern Bartending Dale DeGroff, and pioneer of the modern and contemporary style of Bartender Frankie Solarik were the judges of this show. In this show, the bartenders have to work on the main challenge, and the least who got the lowest mark has to face off with each other. The ones who got the lowest mark were eliminated. Let’s find more information about the contestants.Drink Masters

The Casts of ‘Drink Masters’

  1. Meredith Barry-Throughout her career, Meredith worked in plenty of bars as a bartender and a supervisor in the United States. She is also in charge of La Verita Dostilleria, where she works as a Beverage manager.
  2. Raj Shukla- Raj Shukla got his place in the top five 2021 United States Bartenders. He was employed as an official bartender in the PGA tour. Now he is working in 3Leaves, and also for KDA Furniture And Interiors LLC where he creates custom-made Furniture. In Drink Masters, he got eliminated in the third episode.
  3. Kate Gerwin- As a mother of one child, Kate Gerwin owns the Happy Accidents Bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her bar won the Best New US Bar award in 2022 and also received lots of prizes. 
  4. Lauren Paylor- Lauren Paylor won the title of the Ultimate Drink Master in the season finale. The agency Focus On Health is owned by Lauren. She is also a committee member of the Racial Justice in Hospitality Fund on the Restaurant Workers.
  5. Tao Zrafi- Tao Zrafi got his place in the top three but failed to win the title. He owns a bar named Funk Populaire bar in Montreal, Canada. During the period of the pandemic, he offers to help the new raising bars with his experience.
  6. Aisling- Aisling exited the show in episode four. She did a Culinary Arts and Beverage Management degree from the University of Nevada., Los Vegas. Aisling owns Jellyfish Drinks which is a consulting and event administration service in Boise, Idaho.
  7. Christian Suzuki-Orellana aka Suzu-Suzu traveled through the Ninth episode but lost the battle against Tao. The ‘Tales of the Cocktails’ selected him as one of the top ten bartenders in 2022. He owns a bar named Wildhawk in San Fransisco, California. He usually combines his Japanese background in his cocktails. Additionally, Kagano Bar Pop-up was created by him.Drink masters
  8. Lord Von Rose- Lord Von Rose was eliminated in the eighth episode and failed to enter the semi-finals. At Park Restaurant he is working as a Beverage Director. 
  9. Kapri Robinson- Kapri Robinson had her exit in episode four. She is the founder of Chocolate City’s Best in Washington, DC.
  10. Natalie Migliarini- She is a Professional Photographer and Social Media Consultant in New York. She owns an agency named Beautiful Booze and hosts internet photographs.
  11. Michael R. Anderson- Michael got eliminated in the sixth episode. In Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group, he is working as a consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  12. Alex Velez- Alex fails to impress the judges in the seventh episode and can’t get his place in the semi-finals. He is a beverage director at Lost Spirits Distillery, LLC in Nevada, Los Vegas.    

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