Drishyam 2 review: “What happened on 2nd October?” spooky murder mystery and thriller filled sequal

Drishyam 2

Everyone Remembers the joke about what happened on 2nd October, this is known as the date when Vijay Salgaonkar went to Panjim with his family to attend Satsang and came back on 3rd October, this is where all the cat-mouse game of mystery starts and gives rise to a masterpiece created in Indian cinema. But can one save themselves from the hands of the law? perhaps yes or maybe no. This is where the plot of the sequel starts from.

Ajay Devgan and Tabu are back onscreen with one of the most thrilling mysteries in cinema, with an even more enchanting, amazing cast such as Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta, etc.

Plot Of The Movie:

The plot building of the movie starts with atmospheric tension; Abhishek Pathak uses dark rainy nights to create suspense and anticipation among the audience. with the murder case of Samir Deshmukh, son of one former IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu), closed as ‘unresolved’. Vijay Salgaonkar after his release from prison due to no evidence against him being gartered but right after his release, Vijay records a video confessing his crime to the law.

But wait, this isn’t the climax, this is just the beginning of the movie. to create a thriller a man supposedly sees Vijay burying the body of Sam but was that the reality? the whole movie creates such confusion and minds blogging scenes that leave you wondering what is happening and which scene is the truth. Topped with amazing acting skills of the cast that one can feel their tribulations and trauma as the Salgoankar family go through another extended and excruciating round of police investigation as well as scrutiny by their neighbors.

We see a new character of IG Tarun Ahlawat played by Akshay Khanna who plays a key role in the investigation, He reopens the case. People guess that now that Vijay has confessed his crime, the body will be found under the police station area and the mystery will be solved, or maybe they guessed that another mystery will rise after the excavation only to find out that Samir was never actually murdered but alive all this time? another scene that blogs the mind of people to find the ultimate truth, did Vijay confess the crime, or was he trying to just dress the lie with supposedly truth? so many questions must’ve started in juggling in one’s mind.

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Drishyam 2 Cast:

Drishyam 2, a sequal to mind blogging movie

The beauty of the ‘Drishyam 2’ story- originally written by Jeetu Joseph and adapted by Pathak and Upendra Sidhaye, is that it beautifully involves the audience in unraveling the plot. You know that the body of the deceased has finally been found and that Vijay has confessed to the crime, yet you are keen to know what is going his ultimate fate because as he rightly tells his film’s writer, ‘Audiences don’t like their hero going to jail at the end,’ revealing that there is more to the story that a mere confession to a ghastly crime.

The extent of connection that Drishyam makes with the audience can be visible in the theater and applauds and the masses start standing up with Vijay and chuckles seeing the police lose. Hardly you can think of anyone who can replace the role of Ajay Devgan, that’s the magic he created in the movie, tho Tabu this time didn’t receive the same attention in the movie as she did in part 1, her presence creates the aroma that was related with the former Drishyam 1 movie.

Akshaye Khanna as the new police chief enters the scene, all the mannerisms included. His role and that of Saurabh Shukla as a writer is a welcome addition to a tightly knitted star cast and adds a new element of suspense. Shukla as expected blends with his character despite limited time and space. On the other hand, Khanna is suave and sensitive as a police chief hell-bent on solving a complex murder case.

On the other hand, Khanna the original film in 2021, ‘Drishyam 2’ may appear to be repetitive but the mass majority in the Hindi remake were the people who mostly didn’t see the original movie as the Hindi dubb was not available, this could be a good boost for the movie even further. For the purist, it may come across as just another remake, but Abhishek Pathak’s film works – as a remake and as a stand-alone sequel of a hit Hindi film.

Ajay Devgan

The film retains almost all its original actors and justifies the original film. Drishyam 2 is truly a sequel of a thriller and not just a shabby extension and the same universe. The story goes forward about redemption, about finding closure on a case that has left two families scarred forever. The film shines mostly for its writing as it sets a perfect example of how an ideal sequel should be made. This is the type of movie that will leave you wanting more and is worth every second of the screen

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