Google Pay Credit Card – Apply Now New Credit Card Offer

Google Pay Credit Card – If you want to make a credit card, but no company is giving you a credit card. So great news has come for you from Google Pay. Google Pay is offering a credit card in its app, any user who wants to make a credit card, they can create their credit card through the Google Pay app.

Google Pay is giving credit card offer

Google Pay and Axis Bank have jointly launched a special crediit card offer for Google Pay users. By taking advantage of this offer, Google Pay users can now create their own credit card, and avail unlimited cashback on the credit card.

This credit card is being offered

Users are being offered ACE Credit Caard on Google Pay. This credit card is a card made by Axis Bank, and this credit card is a famous credit card, as many rewards and cashback are given in this credit card.

Google Pay Credit Card 2022

Through this crediit card, if you recharge or make bill payment with Google Pay, then 5% cashback is given. Apart from this, if you use this card for merchant payment or online e-commerce website, then you are given cashback ranging from 2% to 4%.

Charges to be paid for making ACE Credit Card

This credit card is not a lifetime free credit card, as you have to pay a joining fee of Rs 499 to make it. But if you do more than 10 thousand transactions within 45 days after making this card, then the joining fee of Rs 499 is charged from you, it is returned to you.

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How to apply for ACE Credit Card

You can apply for this crediit card from Google Pay, to apply for this card from Google Pay, you have to login to Google Pay. And after logging in, you have to go to the promotion section of the app, there you will get other information related to this credit card and you will also get the link to apply it. So in this way you can apply for this credit card.

If there is no credit card offer in the app, then make this card like this

Ace Credit Caard offer in Google Pay is not coming to every Google Pay users, this offer is coming to only a few users. So if you want to make this card, but the offer of this crediit card has not come in your Google Pay. So there is no reason to be disappointed. You can use this link without the help of Google Pay app. Credit Card Link You can also make this credit card from

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