‘House of Dragon’ episode 9 Full Review Trailer and Story

‘House of Dragon’ episode 9 Trailer and Story 

‘House of the Dragon’ is an American fantasy drama television series created by George R. R. Martin and Ryan J. Condal for HBO.

As you know in the game of Thrones tradition the second to the last episode is considered the dreaded episode.

'House of Dragon' episode 9

This is something I have referred to it as for even years in this, there wasn’t much to dread other than you know losing one of the best character performances the series has given us but that aside the only thing we are given here is uh-oh factor that we knew was coming to the high Towers would be pulling shady BS take the throne from Shawnyra but other than that there isn’t any guy punches to expect like we are so used from Thrones tradition of the penultimate episode you could argue that may be Ryan Condell wanted to do his own thing.

And not following Dave and Dan’s tradition but at the same time even if he wanted to do it, it’s still kind of hard to do that here, especially with this part.

Some really interesting things that happened in the episode that I would tell put this episode into people’s top three of this season’s episodes.


It’s not better but it’s just as good one thing I will say is that the mood is entirely different after King viserys’s death and we saw a bit of this in the last episode. The other thing about the episode that I enjoyed and the show in general so far is the differences in personality to characters in comparison to the book specifically with Allison in the source material she is rumoured to have poisoned the King’s wine to hurry him to death and even instructed the guards and servants on what was to happen once the king did die she is less evil stepmother and more misguided parent which I appreciate .


 I’m sure people will argue that she heard whatever it is she wanted to hear but the way it’s played off in this episode was done very nicely.

Personally I think one of the best scenes in the episode is the small council meeting and we get a small taste of that in the preview and yes exactly what you think happens does happen with beesberry and it’s done very well but this scene came off as one of the favourites for the entire episode.

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