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How to become an Air Hostess - Course, Fees, Salary, Carrier

How to become an Air Hostess – Course, Fees, Salary, Carrier

sHow to become an Air Hostess – Who does not like to fly in the sky and seeing an airplane flying in the same sky creates a lot of curiosity in the mind of all of us. Becoming an air hostess is like a dream come true for a young woman. During air travel, some girls who stay in the same type of dress are air hostess. His dress may vary according to different airlines. Today, due to the growing nature of the aviation industry, the demand for air hostess has also increased a lot. If you have also dreamed of becoming an air hostess in your mind and want information related to it, then you are at the right place. Through this blog, we will give you all the information related to this.

How to become an air hostess 2022

If you have also passed 10+2, and are thinking of becoming an air hostess, then for this you will need many skills like:-

  • Your age should be between 18-26 years.
  • You should have good command over English or any other foreign language. Apart from this, if you have with 12v only
  • If you have done degree in Hospitality or other graduation degree course then you may be given preference.
  • You must be unmarried to become an air hostess.
  • It is also a necessary condition for you to have an Indian passport.
  • To become an air hostess, today there are courses from certificate to degree.
  • To become an air hostess after 12th, you can apply directly to any aviation training institute, there you will be selected through aptitude test and interview. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics is the main institute in India.
  • To become an air hostess, many courses are available at certification, diploma and degree level.

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What is the job of an air hostess?

It is the responsibility of an air hostess to provide safety, comfort and food items to the passengers present in the aircraft. From take off to landing of the aircraft, an air hostess performs the following tasks.

  • Viewing the Seating Arrangement prior to the arrival of passengers on the aircraft.
  • Welcoming and safety checking of all your passengers for boarding the aircraft.
  • It is also the responsibility of an air hostess to make the passengers aware of their proper seat.
  • An air hostess has to ensure before take off that all the equipments in the cabin are lowered properly.
  • Taking off and giving necessary instructions to the passengers during the journey.
  • During the journey, serve food and drink for the passengers and listen to any important query of the passengers.
  • An air hostess ensures that every passenger is safe and traveling smoothly during their journey.
  • In an emergency situation, the air hostess conveys the words said by the pilot to the passengers.
  • If a passenger is sick during the journey, then the air hostess also does the work of handling him.
  • Giving instructions to the passengers before the landing of the aircraft.
  • After landing, it is also the responsibility of an air hostess to get the passengers out of the plane smoothly.

Which are the main educational institutions?

Certificate courses related to Air Hostess like Air Hostess Training have a duration of 3 to 6 months or 12 months. You can apply directly to the institutes affiliated to it.

The duration of diploma courses is of 1 year, related to the main diploma courses like –

  • Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality Management
  • PGDM in Aviation

If we talk about related degree courses, then the duration of Air Hostess Degree Course is 3 years.

  • BBA in Aviation
  • Bsc in Air Hostess
  • MBA in Aviation

Air Hostess Institute in India

  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi
  • Avalon Acedamy, Dehradun
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • Center for Civil Aviation Training(CCAT) , Delhi
  • Air Hostes Academy, Delhi
  • Air Hostes Academy, Pune
  • Frankfin Institute of Air Hostes Training, Delhi
  • Universal Air Hostes Academy , Chennai
  • International Institute of Airline , Kolkata
  • Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata

How much is the air hostess course fee?

If we talk about the fees in the studies of air hostes, then it depends on which course you have taken admission in. If you have enrolled in the certification course, the fee is applicable. Higher fees are charged in diploma courses and higher in degree courses. If we talk about certificate course, then the average fee is 50000 rupees. In degree course, it can go up to Rs 1,500000. Along with this you also get scholarship. After selection in any training institute, you get stipend along with training so that you can do this course at less cost.

What is the height required to become an air hostess?

  • To become a good air hosteess, your health should also be good, the air hosteess should be young, tall and good in appearance. You must also be unmarried before selection.
  • For this your height should be at least 152 cm. And your weight should also be in proportion to it.
  • Your age should be between 18-26 years and eyesight should be good.
  • You do not need any glasses or lenses and the vision of one eye should be 6/6 and the vision of the other should be 6/9. You also have to make sure that you have never had any mental illness before.
  • You should not have any tattoos on your body that are visible.
  • Air hostes should know how to swim, may have to swim in emergency situations.
  • To become a good air hostes, the quality of your voice should be good and the pitch should be very clear. Everything you have said should be easily understood by the passengers.
  • Before selection, there are many medical tests of an air hostes like blood test, urine test, AIDS, ultrasound and chest X-ray etc. In case of spread in any of these, you may be excluded from the selection process.

What is the salary of air hostess?

This is considered a very good field in terms of salary. Your salary depends on which airline you work for. If you work in an international airline then your salary is high and salary can work in domestic airline. The average salary in an international airline ranges from Rs 6,0000-180,000. On the other hand, the average salary in domestic airlines can be up to 30,000- 50,000.

Along with this, you also get other allowances and insurance. In this job, you also get a chance to meet many celebrities and big personalities. Along with traveling around the world, you also have the opportunity to visit famous hotels and malls around the world. You also have the opportunity to visit popular places and monuments around the world. Your family has to pay subsidies fare on air travel, due to which their travel is done in cheap money.

You also get a life insurance from the airline. You also get a lot of holidays in this career. Working as an air hostes, you get about 12-17 days off every month. In this job, you also have the provision of health insurance. The tenure of an air hostesss job is not very long. After 7-10 years, you get promotion in this job and you get a senior position. Due to all these perks, this job is very popular among the youth.

Air Hostess Careers & Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for the youth today for a career in this field. Due to the growing nature of the airline industry, today the demand for air hosteess has also increased a lot. It is a very emerging field in terms of career. Today there are many opportunities available in domestic airline as well as international airline. Some of the main domestic airlines in which you can see Carrier Opportunities.

  • Indian Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Go Air
  • Spice jet airline
  • Indigo Airlines
  • Vistara Airlines
  • Air India
  • British Airways
  • Quatar Airways

Note – This article was about Air Hostes information. in which you have been told that How to become an Air Hostess Apart from this, you have been given all the important information related to Air Hostes. If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, then please do share this article with your friends, thank you.

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