How to Check SBI Balance? – Toll-Free Number, Mobile Banking

How to Check SBI Balance?  – Friends, if you ever want to check SBI Balance, then you will have to go to the bank again and again. But in the bank you get rush which is a waste of time and you don’t have much time. In view of all this, the government has opened customer service centers at different places, but still the needs of the people are not being met by this. Suppose the account holder has to check his balance, for which he wastes all his time. Still, for some reason or the other, they are not able to do their SBI Balance Enquiry.

So friends, let’s know how the account holders of State Bank of India can check their balance? There are many ways to check SBI balance like you can check your balance through SBI Toll free number, SMS Banking, SBI Quick, SBI Yono App, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM etc.

account holder to check his balance or SBI Mini Statement To know, you can use SMS received from the bank. To check your balance, you have to make a missed call on SBI Toll Free Number or you will have to SMS from the mobile number associated with SBI Khata. By which you will get your balance amount.

I have given below Sbi Toll Free Number for the account holders to do their Sbi Balance Enquiry, so that they can check their balance.

Sbi Balance Inquiry No 09223766666 on which you can give missed call.

There are various options for SBI Balance Enquiry.

There are many ways for SBI Balance Enquiry such as –

  • You can do SBI Balance Enquiry through ATM.
  • After this you can do Balance Inquiry through Net Banking.
  • After this you can do it through SMS Banking.
  • After this you can check balance through passbook.
  • After this you can check balance through SBI customer care number.
  • You can check your SBI khata balance by using State Bank of India App.

All these mentioned methods have been discussed in detail which you will have to explain.

How to Check SBI Bank Balance Throungh SBI ATM

State Bank of India account holders can check their balance using SBI ATM card. For this you have to follow the steps given by me.

  • You swipe your SBI ATM-cum-debit at the ATM machine.
  • After this, enter your SBI ATM-cum-Debit ATM machine using a four-digit PIN.
  • After entering the four-digit PIN in the ATM machine, you will have to click on the option of Balance Enquiry.
  • As soon as you click on the option of Balance Enquiry, your full amount will be shown in front of you.
  • After doing Balance Enquiry, click on the Cancel button.

After this, you are also given the option of checking the mini statement, in which you get the information of the last 10 transactions, this information is provided to you by the ATM. But the point to note here is that RBI has limited the number of free transactions you can make. Including checking balance.

If you have finished the free transaction then you will have to pay the fee on balance check after that. If you are thinking that I should go to another ATM and check the balance and it will not be counted in the limited number, then you are wrong. Because the balance check done in other ATMs is also counted in limited numbers.

SBI Net Banking

SBI account holders who have Register yourself for net banking facility They can do their work by using the login ID and password received by their bank to log in to their net banking account. And account holders can opt for a variety of banking facilities offered by SBI, including balance enquiry, home loan, mortgage loan, fund transfer, personal loan, etc.

SBI SMS Service

SBI account holders can register for SMS service using their mobile number and then you can use it to check your account balance. I have tried to tell you below how you have to register. So let’s know how to check balance through SBI SMS Banking?

, REGAccount Number ” to 09223488888

SBI then sends a registration confirmation message to you. Thereafter, account holders can use this service to check SBI account balance, mini statement, check book request, e-statement, education loan interest certificate and home loan interest certificate.

SBI Card Balance Inquiry

SBI Credit Card account holder can get his balance amount and other information using SMS service. But for this you have to SMS to the number 5676791. And through this you get all the information related to the bank. for example –

service information

  • balance inquiry
  • Available credit and cash limits
  • Block your lost or stolen card
  • last payment status
  • Reward Point Summary
  • Subscription to e-statement
  • request for duplicate statement

SBI Passbook

  • State Bank of India gives passbook to its account holders on opening the account.
  • SBI issues this passbook to its account holders so that they keep updating and ensuring their transactions so that they can get information.
  • Account holders ensure in their passbook that they can check the current balance and also view the records of both debit and credit transactions done by them.
  • Every account holder has to update his passbook by visiting the bank premises.
  • This method of updating passbook by visiting the bank premises is still going on as many people are not aware of net banking or mobile banking services.

SBI Mobile Banking

Do you know that State Bank of India offers mobile banking services to its account holders through multiple mobile apps including SBI YONO, SBI Online and SBI Anywhere Saral. I have tried to explain it in detail below, hope you will understand.


  • If SBI account holders want to take advantage of mobile banking facilities, then for this they have to download SBI Yono App in their mobile phone.
  • Any account holder can login using Mobile Banking (SBI YONO).
  • Any account holder can avail many benefits from this facility of mobile banking such as balance enquiry, account statement check, fund transfer etc.

SBI Online

  • State Bank of India customers can use Sbi Online for various purposes like – Fund Transfer, Balance Check, Account Statement, NEFT, IMPS etc. using the SBI Online Portal.
  • SBI Online provides an interface similar to the SBI Desktop website. Which does not harm us.
  • By just entering net banking, account holders can avail all these services.

Sbi Online Saral

  • State Bank of India account holder internet banking customers can use this app for banking transactions.
  • They can do fund transfer, mobile recharge, balance enquiry, check last 10 transactions and also get mini account statement through this app.
  • Retail customers cannot use this app for balance enquiry.
  • State Bank of India has made a separate mobile app for SBI credit card.

SBI Account Balance Through Missed Call Banking

You can get SBI account information through Missed Call Banking. This service is also provided by SBI. This includes details of SBI balance check, mini-statement, e-statement (for last 6 months), and education loan certificate statement, home loan certificate statement, ATM configuration, ATM PIN, home and car loan etc.

This service is provided by RBI, which is provided by almost all the banks. Many banks charge a fee for this but SBI does not charge for balance enquiry on Toll Free Number.

missed call banking registration

  • First of all, account holders have to register the mobile number in their SBI account.
  • It is a one time process in which the account holder has to mention ‘REG Account Number’ and send an SMS to this number 09223488888.
  • After sending the SMS, a confirmation message is sent to you from the bank. In which you are informed that your account has been activated for the Service.

SBI Balance Inquiry Using USSD

  • Inquiry about account balance
  • get mini statement
  • Money Transfer to Accounts
  • mobile recharge

How to start a USSD session?

If you want to start a USSD session, the first thing you need to do is understand it. If you are using Mobile Banking then you cannot use USSD. For this you have to cancel the mobile banking service. You can use USSD only after cancellation.

You cannot use both together. To register for SBI balance enquiry using USSD, dial *595# after you have provided the correct user ID and you will be given the following procedure in which you have to select the required subject.

  • account holder inquiry
  • balance check
  • Fund transfer
  • mobile top-up
  • change mpin
  • Forgot mpin (orgot mpin)
  • de-register

Out of all these options, you can choose the option which is necessary for you.

How to use SBI USSD service?

So let’s know how to use SBI USSD service?

Balance Inquiry & Mini Statement

  • Dial *595# on your mobile phone
  • and then enter user id
  • Press ‘Answer’ and select ‘Option 1’
  • Choose from ‘Balance Enquiry’ or ‘Mini Statement’
  • Enter MPIN and send

fund transfer

  • Dial by entering *595# in your mobile
  • and then enter the user id after this
  • Press ‘Answer’ and select ‘Option 2’
  • Register the payee by entering the Recipient Account Number.
  • Enter MPIN and send

prepaid mobile top-up

  • Dial by entering *595# in your mobile
  • and then enter user id
  • After that press ‘Reply’ and select ‘Option 3’ and send
  • After that enter the name of the service provider
  • Press ‘Answer’ and enter mobile number
  • Enter the top-up amount and press ‘Send’
  • Enter MPIN and send


  • Enter your mobile *595# and dial
  • and then enter user id
  • After that press ‘Reply’ and select ‘Option 6’ and send
  • Enter MPIN and send

Is SBI Balance Inquiry facility available using USSD?

Yes, you can avail it by using USSD.

What is sbi customer care number?

Sbi balance enquiry no is – 09223766666, 1800112211 and 18004253800 on which you can call.

How can an account holder check SBI account balance through SMS banking?

You can SMS BAL to 09223766666 from your registered mobile number. For SBI mini statement, customers can SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666. With the help of which you can check your balance.

So friends, hope you have come to know about SBI Balance Check. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends so that your friends can also know about it and definitely talk by commenting.

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