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How To Create Paypal Account 2022 – What is Paypal?

How To Create Paypal Account 2022 – Hello friends, today we will give you How To Create Paypal Account 2022, What is paypal? This is all about giving information. Friends, you already know that with the passage of time, our country is becoming digital and because of Jio, now internet is present in almost all the areas, due to which people are able to work online sitting at home.

But the problem is that after all, how can we transfer the money for the work done by us online in our bank. Let us assume at one time that if you are working in India then you will not need any gateway.

But friends, if you are taking foreign projects, then you will need some gateway to receive the money, only then you will be able to transfer your money to the bank.

So friends, today we have brought you such a reliable website or app for online transactions, with the help of which you can do money transactions in any corner of the world, except you can also use it for online shopping.

Yes friends, the name of this service is PayPal. If you use the Internet, then you must know about PayPal. With which you will be able to do transactions with the currency of all countries. That’s why we thought that I would give you complete information about PayPal.

What is Paypal?

Friends Paypal is an American company that operates online transaction systems around the world. The founders of PayPal are Max Levkin, Ken Howery and Elon Musk. It was founded in 1998 as Confinity. And it was bought by Ebay in 2002 for $1.5 billion.

it is the world’s largest online transaction platform It allows any merchant and ordinary person to transfer and receive money from anywhere in the world. Paypal is around the world today. 100 million There is more than this account. By this you can get an idea of ​​how reliable it is.

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With this help, you do not need any license to do the transaction nor do you need to share your bank details with anyone, you just need to create an account and need a valid email address.

Documents Need for Making Paypal Account

Friends, opening an account on paypal is absolutely free, if you want to open an account, then it is mandatory for you to have my mentioned documents and other things.

  • Bank Account :- You will have to add the details of the bank in which you have an account while opening the account, so that whenever you receive money through paypal, it will come to your bank account.
  • Pan Card :- Use the same PAN card which you have attached to your bank account.
  • Debit Or Credit Card
  • Email Id :- You will need an email id for the transaction. Because whenever you want to take money from someone, you will have to give this ID to him, only then he will be able to transfer money to your account.
  • Mobile Number

How To Create Paypal Account?

Come friends, we have come to know what is paypal and what are the things necessary for it. Now we How To Create Paypal Account 2022 It is the knower. To open an account, all you have to do is follow the steps given below.

Step 1: – First of all you You have to visit. You will see a window like this.

Step 2:- Now you Sign Up You have to click on this, after which two options will appear in front of you. Here you have to select the individual account in which you can only send money and if you want to open a business account, then our advice would be that you first open a shopping account and then call it business Upgrade your account.

Step 3:- After clicking on Next, you have to enter your valid email, mobile number and strong password according to you and click on Next.

Step 4: Friends, now a code will be sent to the number you have entered here, which you have to enter here. After entering that code, a page like this will appear in front of you.

Step 5 :-

  • Select Country.
  • Now enter First and Last Name. If you have only one name then you can put one name in both first and last name.
  • After this enter your full address which is on your Aadhar and PAN card.
  • Enter the name of your city below and select your state.
  • And now here you have to enter the pin code like 62007 etc. After all this is done by ticking both the checkboxes Agree And Create Account Click on.

Step 6 – Now you have to link the debit or credit card here. For that you have to enter your debit or credit card number. Next you have to select your card type like Visa, Rupay or MasterCard. After that enter CVV code and security code and click on link card.

Step 7 :- Friends, now after clicking on the link card, it will deduct a small amount from your card for account verification, after which you will get an OTP which you will have to enter here.

Step 8 :- Now your account will be verified. After verification, you have to go to your Paypal account by clicking on done.

Friends, your account has been created. So you see how easy it was, it will take you only 7 to 8 minutes for this. You only see it on the home page Confirm Your Email You also have to verify your email once by clicking on it.

And friends, now if you want, you can create your business account by clicking on Upgrade Business Account. For that you just have to enter some details of your business. Now you are ready to transfer and receive money from paypal.

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Benefits of Making Paypal Account

friends you create Paypal Account Got this information, but now let’s know what are the benefits of opening a Paypal account.

  • Safe Or Secured :- Paypal provides complete safety and security to your every online transaction so that your money will not go to any wrong account even if you are doing Unauthorize transaction.
  • Shopping Or Purchase Any Item By PayPal :- There is no need for you to stand in long lines in the shops anymore because with paypal you can do online shopping sitting at home.
  • Good Service :- Paypal not only provides us the facility of World Wide Transaction but with that their support is also good.
  • Offers Or Discount :- Paypal keeps on giving you coupons for best offers or discounts for shopping many times.
  • Low charges For Transaction :- Suppose if you do a transaction of 100 rupees, then Paypal will deduct 6% of its service i.e. 6 rupees. Which is very less compared to other online payment services.

Conclusion –

Friends, in today’s post we learned How To Create Paypal Account 2022, What is Paypal And what are its benefits. I would advise you that if you are a freelancer or are thinking of working on freelance, then you must use this online transaction service.

But friends, you must keep one thing in mind that if you violate any kind of Paypal’s policy, then your account paypal will freeze without your permission, so no one should try to do fraud. So friends, if you have any other question in your mind regarding Paypal Account, then you can ask in the comment. I will reply soon.

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