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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2022 - Crazeenews

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2022

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2022 – Instagram It is one of the most popular social media sites used by millions of people. If you have started using Instagram a lot and want to reduce your Instagram habits, then you can deactivate / disable your Instagram account for some time or even delete the account forever. but you don’t know How to Delete Instagram Account And how to deactivate Instagram account So in this article we will give you complete information about it.

Nowadays everyone uses Instagram Instagram has become the most popular app in such a short time. On which you can stay connected with your friends and do many types of posts. But are you worried about Instagram privacy threats? or social media Need a break? Whatever be the reason, we will tell about Permanently Instagram ID Delete in this article.

This is a completely safe app for users, but still you have to deactivate Instagram, then for this you have 2 ways, one way is to delete Instagram Account Permanently and the other way is to Deactivate Temporary Instagram Account. But you do not know that permanently  how to Deactivate, then this post will help you.

Instagram Account Delete Kaise Kare

NOTE: To delete or deactivate your Instagram account, you will need to use a web browser on your smartphone or a web browser on desktop. You cannot delete or deactivate it through the app.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2022

If you want to delete your Instagram account Permanently then follow this method. Once the Instagram account is deleted, you cannot recover your Followers, Likes, Comments. Let us know how to delete ID on Instagram through some easy steps:

1. Open the browser on your mobile or computer.

option to delete instagram only browser The show takes place. Instagram is not in the app so to delete the account mobile or Computer Use browser.

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2. Now open the Delete Your Account Page link.

first of all instagram Delete Your Account Page Open it and enter your Instagram login ID and password.Log In” Do.

3. Select the reason for deleting the account.

Once you are logged in, go to the Delete Your Account page and click on “Why Are You Deleting Your Account Select the reason by clicking on it.

After you select one of the options, you will be asked to re-enter your password to confirm that you want to permanently delete your Instagram account. When you enter the password of Instagram ID, then the option of “Permanently Delete Your Account” will appear in front of you.

4. Now click on Permanently Delete My Account.

Now if you want to delete your account permanently then click on “Permanently Delete My AccountClick on the option.

So friends, this was the whole process of how to delete Instagram account permanently. One thing to note is that you will need a browser to deactivate the Instagram account, because there is no such process in the Instagram app. In this way you know how to delete your Insta account Permanently (How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently) step by step.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

If you want to delete the account for a short time or you want to use the account again later, then you can also deactivate it for some time. So follow the below mentioned Instagram Deactivate Account Process:

Step 1: Login to Instagram account in your mobile browser.

First of all by opening any browser on your mobile or computer By opening the website of the “Instagram account”Log In” Do.

Step 2: Now click on Edit Profile.

After logging into the Insta account, click on the profile icon and then “Edit ProfileClick on the option.

Step 3: Then click on Temporarily Disable My Account.

Now a new page will open, you have to download the scroll and go to the bottom, there you will find “Temporarily Disable My Account You will get the option of ” , click on it. As you can see in the screenshots below.

Step 4: Now select the reason for deleting the account.

As soon as you click on the Temporary Disable My Account option, you will see some other options. The first option among them Why Are You Deleting Your Account You have to select one of the reasons why you want to deactivate the account.

Step 5: Enter your Instagram password.

Now you have to enter your Instagram password and where “Temporarily Disable AccountEnter your password there.

Step 6: Click on Temporarily Disable Account.

now at last ‘Temporarily Disable Account Click on the ‘ button. Take friends, your Instagram account has been temporarily disabled. Meaning, until you do not reactivate your Instagram account, your photos, comments and likes will be hidden.

Friends, if you follow this method, then you can deactivate your account again at any time and you can activate your Instagram account by logging in again next time.


Hopefully friends, whenever you want to deactivate or delete Instagram account, then today’s post How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently and How to deactivate Instagram ID will help a lot. If you liked the post then like and share with your friends How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2022. If you have any suggestion or question then you can ask by commenting in the comment box. Stay connected with us for more such information Crazeenews But thanks!

Instagram Account Delete FAQs

  • For how long can I delete my Instagram account?

You can temporarily disable your Instagram account for as long as you want without worrying about losing your personal details.

  • Can I reactivate my Instagram account after 1 year?

Yes, only Deactivated Instagram Account can be reactivated.

  • Can I recover my data after deactivating Instagram account?

Yes, if you temporarily disable your Instagram account, then you can recover your data.

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