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How to Make Viral Reels 2022 – I’ve got to share with you today is so good and could make your Instagram Reels go so viral, I had to make this tip and get it out there ASAP. Not going to lie – I went to university to become a news reporter. Cue the old footage. Hell othere, and welcome to RUTV News. In a perfect world, I could sleep on Gould street in a white jacket any day of the year. Mustache season is underway. Tonya Metta has the story on the annual month-long awareness campaign for men’s health. But more important than mustache season is how you as a business owner can create viral Instagram Reels. So in today’s article, I’m going to break down how I actually start on TikTok and I’ll create something on TikTok, and then I will repurpose it for the Instagram platform. In my experience, my Instagram Reels are going more viral than on TikTok right now. So I definitely recommend this strategy for you. Plus stay until the end where I’m going to share the app that I’ve been using. It’s free and it’s been removing the TikTok watermark from my videos. So let’s dive in your first step to creating a viral Instagram Reel is to open up TikTok. TikTok is where trends begin, whether it’s for effects, music or audio. This is the place where you are going to go first to find inspiration. So I have scrolled my TikTok feed and I’ve come across this video that I’ve seen quite a bit, meaning it is a trend. And I have a few ideas of how I can make it work for my niche. So let me play you this clip. So I’ve seen this trend with this particular music and this effect of freezing the frame and slowly zooming in. And I can generally understand what the whole joke of it is.

You know, the first opening line or the first thing you see on screen is the thing that you hope to do, or the thing that you hope to become, then the freeze frame happens. And anything after that is the reality of what happened, right? The thing didn’t play out, but this is the reality of what happened. So I can definitely make this work for my niche of business owners. Let’s play around with it and see what we come up with. So to recreate this kind of Reel, I know that I’m going to need to use the same music and the same effect. So I can go ahead and tap on the music name. And then I can say, use this sound. Now I can also go back. And if I tap on the effect to name,sometimes it will pull in the music. So here you can see right at the top,the Faith Evans song is still pulled in. So that’s what I want. I’ve got both the effect and the song loaded in. Let’s play around with the effect,just so we’re sure of how it works. I think I know how it works,but let’s play around. So I’m going to hit the record button and you can hear the music going, but I think I need to tap the screen, correct.

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So I need to tap the screen and that’s when the freeze frame effect starts. Ok. And I was still holding my thumb down that whole time. Now I just need to make sure that I get the right expression of what I want to freeze frame on. So I’m going to make this up right now. Live – breaking news. I’m going to make this up and I’ll just wing it. Ok. So here we go. Ok. Letting it record on my freeze frame. I’m letting it record a long time. Ok. Let’s play it. That’s fine. In the first take,let me just turn down my audio. Yeah. So now I need to nail my copy. Ok. So, because my audience is business owners and this is something that I’m not just creating for TikTok. I’m also going to share it to Instagram Reels. What’s something relatable? Um, so the thing that I could say is…We could do something like “Monday: I’m going to post to Instagram five times this week.” So that’s my hope, right? This is the trend. Now I like this one and let’s hit return here. Ok. Now we want to make sure it’s not too low or too much to the top or the side. Ok. And then we’re going to set duration. So we don’t want this. We want this to play until the freeze frame hits. So let’s play it. Ok. So now I’m going to quickly come up with alternative things that actually happened because I didn’t post five times and I’ll see what my brain comes up with. Ok. I think I have something pulled together that could work. So, you know, I don’t know if it’s funny per se, but it could be relatable. So let’s play it and see what it looks like. Alright. You know what? I think it works. Ok. So next step. Now that we’re finally done with making our TikTok. This one was a little bit more text-heavy than the typical TikTok. Now I’m going to make a cover. So I usually go hereand let’s see what cover title do we want it to be? Just do Mondays.

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I can drag this. We’ll just leave it as is. Save.Ok. Now that we’ve selected a cover, it’s time to write a quick description and give it some hashtags. So I’m going to say something like… That’s about it. Now the key here is I have to hit publish on my TikTok and then I need the link for my published TikTok. So  it’s time to hit publish on this TikTok video. Alright. So it’s publishing.Once it’s published, I am going to go over to my page.Oh, I need to like it, first of all. But now I’m going to go over to my profile. I can see it right there. Then I’m going to hit the three dots in the lower, right? And then I’m going to say, copy link. Oh, it’s under review right now. Let’s look at this again, in five minutes, once TikTok approves of my video,then I’ll be able to capture the link. Five minutes later. We’re back.And I just looked at my TikTok. I hit the three dots. Once again, I hit copy link. And now our link is copied. I have a habit of doing this right now. So don’t mind me. So now that we have the link copied,I’m going to get out of TikTok. Yeah. I’m going to go to Safari and I am going to go to snaptik. app. Then again, this is just all on my phone, just in Safari. I’m going to paste the link. There we go done, and then hit this blue button next to it. And this is the app that you need to useto actually remove the TikTok watermark from the video that we just created.

So it’s called an app. In fact, I just called it an app, but it’s not actually an app. It’s a URL that you go to So I’ve just gone to it. And now you can see that there’s these download options. Download server one. So now we want to go to download and you can see in the upper right, there’s this arrow. Tap that. Ok. So now we’ve downloaded this from the URL, then tap the snap tik name. Ok. So now it opens it up. Now, we’ve got the arrow in the bottom left, hit that and we are going to hit save video. Ok. So a few steps. Hit done. Now, when we go to my camera roll, it should be there. There it is. No Tik Tok watermark. Ok. So sometimes when I use this  app –, it will shift my audio just slightly. So if I’m using like a talking based audio, it might look like my mouth is a  little off from it. So in that case, I would actually bring this video clip over into In Shot, which is an actual app in my phone. And I have done a tutorial on how to use In Shot. You could check out this video right here for how to do that. But if this was a talking video and the audio was just slightly off, in fact, I’m going to watch this again. Just make sure it looks ok, but I would bring it into In Shot and just separate the audio from the video and just slightly adjust it.

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So let’s play this. I think it’s fine. I was just making sure that thefreeze looked good, but it’s fine. Ok. So now we have this video. Now we go into Instagram and thisis where we hit the plus button. And this is where actually I don’tlike that version. Let’s go here, hit the plus button on my profile, then hit Reel. And now we’re going to swipe upand bring this in. There we go. That’s it. Ok. So then we hit add. And we’re notgoing to add anything more to it. So I’m going to hit preview. This is basically the videowe just created on TikTok. Now I’m publishing it over to Reels, so there’s really nothingthat I need to change. So the next thing willjust be going to share to. And now I need a cover image. So I’m going to save this as a draftbecause I want to look at my feed. I usually kind of rotate my images so I could potentially just pulla screen grab from this Reel. So I’m going to go back tomy drafts. Let’s go to cover. And maybe we just grab this. You want to be careful that the textisn’t going to be too low or cut off. I mean, that could be a cover. It’s definitely going to standout in the feed that’s for sure. Or I would do this as a cover. Yeah, let’s do this. These onesare too safe. Let’s use this one. Ok.

Little bit wacky,a little bit different, but we’re trying newthings. Ok. Last, last step. I’m going to write a caption and thenwe are going to publish this bad boy. I’m going to go with a shortand sweet caption for this one, because there’s so much contentshared in the video itself. So let’s just read it.Sometimes we set lofty goals. Sometimes we over-complicate things. When it comes to how often you shouldpost your feed as a business owner, I say this. As often asyou can stay consistent, keeping in mind we’re humans and notrobots, and sometimes life happens. Ooh, let’s check out the button thatsays crop profile image. Oooo-k. So this is great because now we cansee that this cover image is not going to work with the text.Could leave it like that. Or I might actually just takea couple selfies and you know, this is an extra step.You don’t have to do it, but if I want to quickly create a coverimage, this is what I’m going to do. So I’ve already written the caption.So I’m just going to hit save as draft. Right. So that’s ready to be published. Now what I’m going to godo is go into Stories and take, um, yeah, I’m just going to takea selfie of like me looking hopeful. Then what I like to do is I go to textand then I just add a little text and I don’t post it to my Stories.I save it to my camera roll.

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You’re getting all the tipsin this video. So let’s see. What was that last line?Sometimes Elise overthinks things. Ok. So now we have a couple options.So I’m going to exit out now, I’m going back to my Reel.We already know, you know, this is what my feed’s looking like. So let’s see which one I want to chooseto make it sort of fit this look. So we’re going to go open ourdrafts. We’re going to hit cover. And now we’re going tohit add from camera roll. And just at first glance, wecould see what’s, you know, standing out from thosethree options that I saved. So I think I’m actually goingto go with the first one. Because I don’t mind the blank space nextto my head. And it just pops the most. So sometimes Elise overthinks things. Let’s try that one. Hit doneand now hit crop profile image. Yeah. We just want to make sure thatthat text is visible and it looks good. We lined it up. That looks Ok. Don’twant to cut my head off too much. Ok. There we have it. We have made it to the end ofthis video creation process, turning a TikTok concept and repurposingthe videos so that we can publish it to Reels as well. I’mliterally one step away. All I have to do now ishit share. We have done it.

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I know it feels like a marathon.It feels like a lot of work. But think about it. We have hittwo apps with one video, right? We were able create one video and TikTok. And now we’re going to gofor a second video on Reels. You never know if either one is goingto be picked up by TikTok or Reels. So when I can hone in on this processand even batch create – so after this, create a few more TikToks inone go – that’s when I’m on top of my game, especially whenit comes to video marketing. So with that spiel done, I’m procrastinating because Ijust have to hit the share. Right? And I’m a perfectionist. And I want, Ilook at all the details one more time, but I’m not going to because I’m filmingthis for YouTube and I want to be an example and show that I’mworking on my perfectionism. So I am going to hitshare. Ok, here we go. We’re hitting share. Now I needto go grab my hashtags. BRB. And it’s still posting, now thatI’ve just copied my hashtags. We’re still going. There we go. So now we could see that my textslooks ok. Even on this preview screen, we’re not even full screen yet. Um, ok. So I’m not going to stare at thisany longer. I’m going to hit like, and then I’m going to go to the commentsand I’m going to paste my hashtags. I do feel like they cango in either section. Some people say they have togo in the caption of your Reel, but I post them as the first comment. You could always test it out andexperiment if you’d like try both ways, but there you have it. Now the big question is what does itlook like in my feed? Ok. Not bad. I mean, we see the text. It’snot the prettiest cover image, but it does the job. And nowwhen I go over to my Reels feed, I can see it’s there.Um, you know, zero views, but we did just hitpublish. And there we go. That again is the beauty of usingthis method where you start on TikTok, find the trends, findthe audio, make it on TikTok.

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Take that link, use – remove the watermarkbecause we know Instagram has already said, it’s not really going to push out orpromote videos that are promoting other apps, like competitors, like TikTok. And then we’re going to repurpose andpublish that video onto our Instagram Reels. I’ve repeated theprocess like five times now. So you probably haveit. So with that said, I would love for you togo off now and create. Head onto TikTok and find something that’strending and figure out a way for you to adapt it to your own niche. Now, if you’re not finding any ideas, you can also go to my videos that I justpublished on my TikTok or my Instagram and use the audio, use the effectthat I use in TikTok from my videos, you can just tap on their names andthen you can start creating from there. Before you head off into TikTok land, maybe you’re feeling likeyou’re going to get distracted. Really not going to be sure what kindof ideas you can come up with that are going to be relevant to your business andyour niche. So if you’re in that boat, I have something for you.It is called Videos Vault. Videos Vault is my answer to your question of what do I post on TikTok orReels. I have done the brainstorming, the research, the strategy for you. And I’ve come up with 300ideas of videos you can create for your TikTok or your Reelsthat will actually grow your business. They’re not so much trendy videos.

They’re more evergreen videos. And we do know that evergreen videoshave a lot of power on both TikTok and Instagram. So if you’re interestedin Videos Vault, head to I’ll also leave the linkright below this video. Or if you want to just test outVideos Vault and see what’s inside, I also have a fewfreebies for you as well. So you can head to for six free Reel ideas for your business. And you can head to for six TikTok videos for yourbusiness. Ooh, that was a lot.


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