How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website

If GoDaddy has ever made you feel like you need a domain in order to sell what your business offers?  Well, I have news for GoDaddy. You don’t need a website. In fact, an Instagram profile is a perfect substitute for not having a website. And in thiS post, I’m going to talk you through how exactly to just use Instagram, to sell more of your services, coaching, or products. And stay tuned until the end where I’m going to show you how to create a website off of Instagram without ever having to buy a domain. Sorry, GoDaddy. So in order to sell on Instagram without a website (meaning you’re just going to use your Instagram profile to sell your offers), the very key to all of this, the foundation, it starts with your profile. So since your profile (meaning the page that followers land on), since it is the foundation of this entire strategy, you really need to nail this.

You have to make sure that it’s crystal clear who you help and how, right at the top of your profile. This is usually the bio area where you make this clear. Now I have covered this topic in depth, so I’m not going to go into it in this post, but for more on creating a profile, may begiving yours a makeover and making sure it really nails it, especially for that first impression  Now, once your profile has been made over, and it’s crystal clear who you serve, you’ll then move into the second phase of this strategy of how to sell without a website.

How to sell things without a website

The second phase is all about your Instagram highlights. Now, just to be clear with highlights, you have stories and then you have highlights. So stories disappear after 24 hours, right? They’re little video clips that live right behind your profile and they disappear after a day. Highlights on the other hand are saved Instagram stories. So anything that you created more than 24hours ago, you can actually save as a highlight, which is all those bubbles underneath your profile. You can save that story content in one of those highlights. Those highlights can live on your profile forever, for as long as you want. There’s no limit to how long the content with in your highlights can exist on your profile. The reason why I’m emphasizing highlights so much is because highlights are going to become what would be the navigation menu of your website if you were using one. So when you go to a website and may be you can visit one right now, like, take a look at the navigation menu. These are the main topics that the website covers. And usually you’ll see things like about me services, client reviews, contact me, blog – those sort of topics. So with this in mind, I want you to think about designing highlights specifically to replicate those topics you would typically see in a navigation menu. Here’s what I suggest. Have a highlight called about me.

A second highlight called work with me or services – something along those lines, depending on your business model. A third highlight called products or offers- again, depending on what makes the most sense for your business model. FAQs or frequently asked questions is a really great highlight to have. Reviews or results, which ever is most applicable to your business. And last but not least, a contact me highlight. Just in case it’s not super clear for your followers on how they can get in touch with you. For even more ideas on the highlights you can come up with to replicate a website, right here, where I go into this topic a little more in depth. Now that you’ve sketched out the highlights that you’ll need on your profile to replicate a website without having a website. The next thing you’re going to have to do is think about what story content you’ll need to create to build out those highlights. Because remember highlights are saved Instagram stories. Now for this, you may be able to use existing story content that you already created. And of course, this also means you need to have the archive function turned on (meaning that your older stories have already been saved in the archive). So if you don’t have this setting turned on, I highly recommend you turn it on right now. Looking through your story archives, you canuse existing stories if they already fit what your highlight needs. So for example, if you’re building out the contact me highlight, and you already have a couple stories that share your email or your phone number, you can go ahead and save them under that highlight.

Now, if you’ve never made stories that share your contact information, you’re then going to need to go ahead and create that story in order to be able to save it to that highlight. You can also use existing stories from your archive if the stories were posted in the same order that you need to share that information. So little note here, you can’t reorder stories in your highlights. They’re going to show based on the chronological order that they’re in. Lastly, you can use existing stories from your archive. If they include a clear call-to-action for the viewer to reply to the story or DM you. If you don’t have this, you’ll want to go ahead and create this new story and add it to your highlight. Let me show you what all of this looks like on my Instagram profile. So remember the archive setting. You’re going to find this by going to the hamburger icon in the upper right, and then tapping archive. So this is now going to load my story archive. If this isn’t turned on, you can hit the three dots in the upper right, and head to the settings of this feature.But I highly recommend that you have this on because this is key to building out your highlights.

How do you actually create a highlight?

So here are some of my older highlights right here, all these bubbles underneath my bio. So the best way to create a highlight is to hit the plus button in the upper right corner. And on this menu, you see the option to create a story highlight. So I’m taken to a screen that basically looks like my stories archive, right? And down at the bottom, Instagram has actually created a few suggested highlights based on some themes that it’s picked up on, on my stories. So a Mexico highlight for example, would be a good idea if I was really emphasizing my travels, which I’m not. So let’s say I was building a highlight for my YouTube channel, and I wanted to highlight this article – how to grow your beauty business on Instagram. All I would do is go ahead and choose the stories that I want to feature in my highlight. And remember the order they’re going to be in is chronological based on the date that they were posted. So I’m going to choose these stories. Then I’m going to hit next in the upper right. Then I’m going to tap edit cover. And so I can choose from one of these images or I can tap the button on the left and add from my camera roll as well. So this allows me to create an on-brand cover image for my highlight.

For now, I’m just going to leave it like this,then I’m going to hit done. And then I am going to call it beauty biz. Okay. So the key with the name of your highlight is to keep it really short. I find that highlights that are longer, they get cut off on your profile. So for example, if I change this to beauty business and then hit add, I’ll show you what happens when it’s on my profile. There it is. But all you see is beauty busi… It gets cut off with the dot dot dots. So to edit this, tap on the highlight (which by the way, here it is), but to edit it, we’re going to hit the three dots at the bottom and then choose edit highlight. And then we can change this to beauty biz. Let’s see if that’s short enough. So if I go back to my profile. Yes, now we can see the full name : beautybiz. So that’s what I recommend. Get creative and come up with a name that’snot going to be cut off. So this highlight was just a demo, but what it’s missing is a call to action at the end, right? This is really just promoting my blog article and asking people to swipe up. But what it could use is a story inviting people to reply. So let me create that story for you and just show you what that looks like. So I’m just going to film it in my stories. Okay. So here you can see at the bottom, I’ve got stories selected.  So again, this is just a demo, but I’m going to share this to my stories.

There it is. I’m going to go back to that highlight. Three dots at the bottom. Edit highlight. Okay. And I’m now going to go to the right-hand column where it says stories – separate from selected. And I’m going to look for that CTA that I just filmed. There it is, then I’m going to hit done. And now when I go to this highlight, there’s the content, But there is my call-to-action. So let’s view this from another profile so that you can see what it looks like from a follower’s perspective. Okay, here I am viewing my profile from another account. So let’s tap on beauty biz. So we see the content and notice that the swipe up link that I attached to my story, it’s still connected. Here I have the send message feature at the bottom. There’s another option to swipe up. Send message. And then here is where my call-to-action really makes sense because I’m pointing down and I’m asking people to reply. This is what I’m going to see in my DMs, long after this story has expired. After 24 hours, I’m going to see replies to this call-to-action. And this is really key to this entire strategy. So as I mentioned in my demo, the key to your highlights being a success in order to replicate a website is you need those call-to-actions at the end of your highlights. Now beyond that, as you’re creating content,whether for your feed or your stories, you’ll want to continue to direct people to specific highlights that are going to answer their questions or give them free ideas – what ever it is that you’re featuring in that highlight. But you’re going to have to remember in your content strategy to direct people to relevant highlights when applicable.

How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website In English

Now after your profile and after your highlights,the third piece to this puzzle is direct messages. The DMs. This is where you’re going to respond to people who are replying to your highlights and close sales. As a reminder, your content strategy is going to be designed to drive people to relevant highlights. And then when they view highlights, the last slide will have a built-in call-to-action for people to reply to that story. That reply will then generate a private DM thread between you and that follower. And the DMs is the best place to close sales. Now I have covered the DM strategy and closing sales in-depth in this video right here. So if you haven’t caught that one, I’d highly suggest you read it. Here’s an example of this strategy in action. I received this DM on April 16th from this account – thestructurejunkie. And there is a reply to one of my older highlights or my older stories saved under a highlight. The reply is, “is this Video Vault?”. So if I tap on this, I can see what story this person viewed. Now this is a story from 50 weeks ago, but it’s there because it’s saved as my highlight and people are watching my highlights. So they asked me, “is this Video Vault?” And I said, yes. And there you go. There was an interaction from someone reading my highlight and replying. And now we have private DM thread. Now, as the strategy really kicks off for you, you might find that you’re really busy replying to DMs. So to make this process efficient, I recommend for you to turn on saved replies. So on your profile, head to the hamburger menu, and then go to settings. And then, because I’m a creator account, I’m going to tap on where it says creator. And under this menu, I see a section called saved replies. So you can see all these saved replies that I’ve already created.

In fact, it’s really easy and fun to use them, especially when I’m saying thank you or thanks for the love. I just write these little codes that you see in gray, and then the entire message will populate. So this is a really handy feature to make your DMs manageable or have your team members jump in and help you manage your messages as well. If you love the idea of saved replies, well,lucky you, I have gone through and brain stormed a bunch of ideas of the types of saved replies. You can go ahead and create for your account. So let me share those ideas with you. The first saved reply I would create is a link for someone to buy something from you or pay you. Whether that’s through a checkout page or something like Stripe or PayPal. Now, if you offer coaching or services, I would create a saved reply that answers the question : what are the next steps for working with you? Now, if you deliver digital goods, I would create a saved reply that lets people know how they’ll receive it. Whether it’s through email or will they download the product. I’d also create a reply that shares where they can reach out to you with questions or concerns about their purchase.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, you can create a saved reply to share your address information, parking information, or pickup information, if relevant. And if you’re shipping products out to customers,you can create saved replies on how they provide their shipping information or how you’ll send their tracking info. There you have it. My entire strategy on how you can sell on Instagram without a website.

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