How to Study Online from Mobile, 5+ Easy Ways Prepare for Exams

How to Study Online from Mobile – Some students have a question in their mind, that How do you study online? Today we are going to tell you in this article, what will you have to do to study online? Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all the schools, colleges, and institutes have been closed, due to which all the studies have been shifted to online instead of offline. Online studies are very useful in today’s time, because those who cannot go out of the house, they can also study online from their mobile sitting at home.

This also saves time. Many such new platforms have also come out for online study, which have helped me Education has made its strides in the field of Now most of the things are done online, which includes many types of practical training, exams, preparation etc. The best advantage of this is that even if you are outside, you can take classes from your mobile. So let’s know, all the important information related to how to study online –

How to study online from mobile?

Studying online from mobile is a very good way. With the help of which many children are studying. At the same time, there are some such children, who cannot afford the expensive tuition fees, they are also studying through mobile through YouTube for free. Google Play Store But there are many important applications related to education. Through which you can study for free. With their help, you can complete all your notes and test series.

How to Study Online from Mobile, 5+ Easy Ways Prepare for Exams
Competitive Exam

Benefits of Online Classes

  • How is online studies, apart from this it is also very important for you to know, what are the benefits of online studies, so let’s know, the benefits of studying online –
  • If you read online studies with attention, then it starts coming easily in your mind.
  • the way we mobile or Computer But when we watch a movie, and we remember it, in the same way, while studying online, we remember more than offline.
  • If you put your full attention in studies during the online class, then you enjoy taking the class, and you do not get bored. Hindi
  • Taking online class saves us a lot of time, if we go to any institute, or college to take offline class, then it takes a lot of time for us to come and go. But online class saves our time.
  • The amount of time we take to go to the institute, we can study more in that time.
  • When you study online, you get the most benefit in the test series, because all the exams are conducted online. Because of which if you do the online test series, then it will be very beneficial in your examination.
  • One of the best things about online studies is that you do not have to write here during the exam. Whereas in offline exam you have to write a lot.
  • In online class, your notes are sent to your mobile in PDF format. Which you can read later in your mobile.

Disadvantages of studying online

Just as something has advantages, in the same way it also has some disadvantages. In the same way, along with the advantages of studying online, there are also some disadvantages. So let’s know, what can be the disadvantages of studying online –

Eye damage- If we take more online classes, then it harms our eyes. The waves emanating from the mobile are harmful to our eyes. Whereas in offline class our eyes are completely safe. But even if we do not take online classes, we keep watching something or the other in mobile, so it is better to study online than the amount of time you spend looking at unnecessary things in your mobile. If possible, wear glasses on your eyes, this will keep your eyes safe.

Remember the problems Some students may have trouble remembering during online class. Because there is a habit of offline class from the beginning, at the same time, when our brain sees something new, then there can be some problems in such a situation. But when you take classes every day, you will get used to it. Then you will not have any kind of problem.

Lack of brain level While studying online, whenever we take a class on YouTube or any other app, ads start coming in between. Because of which our brain does not remain level. In the middle of class, notifications come on mobile, which disturb us. Due to which our brain is not able to remain stable.

Lack of discipline among students When we take offline classes, at that time we study under a teacher. So that our full attention remains only in studies. But when we take online classes, then neither do we live under any teacher, nor do we have anyone to tell us. When we have respect, we read. If you do not feel like, then leave the class like this and keep the mobile close by. It is very harmful for the students.

Internet connection – We have a good one for online study Internet Connection is very important. If you are taking a class, and your internet connection is going in between, then in this case your class may be halfway in the middle. Because some houses are in such a location, where the internet runs at very low speed. So before taking your online class, you should pay special attention to your internet connection.

Best platforms to study online

You can read online with the help of many apps. Apart from the App, you can also read with the help of YouTube. There are many such good channels on YouTube, which make very good education. So let’s know, about the App and YouTube channel for online studies, from where you can read sitting at home –

1. YouTube

YouTube is used all over the world today. Here you get the solution of all the things. Whether you want to learn to cook something in food, or want to do any course, here you get classes for everything. This is a Free Learning Platform. You can study online by searching YouTube channel according to your subject here. If you can teach someone well, or you have faced some problems in your studies, and you found a solution to all those problems and continued your studies, then you can share your experience by creating a YouTube channel on YouTube. can. So that you can earn money too. how to earn money from google This article may be useful to you.

2. Duolingo

In Duolingo you can learn many different languages ​​from your own language. Here you can learn all languages ​​absolutely free. There are many languages ​​​​available here like German, English, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, it improves your language, and improves your skills. If you do not want to learn any language, then you can do it using the Duolingo App.

3. TED-Ed

TED is a free online education platform. With the help of which you can study from home. It provides many education videos. You can take the help of TED-Ed YouTube Channel to study from TED. It provides you many types of education related videos on YouTube.

4. Wikipedia

You can also study with the help of Wikipedia. On Wikipedia, you get content related to all the topics. over here you Hindi Apart from the English language, you can also study in many other languages. To read from Wikipedia, you have to write Wikipedia with your topic, and your topic will appear in front of you. For example – suppose we Digital Marketing If we want to read about, then we will write Digital Marketing Wikipedia in Hindi in Google, then complete information about digital marketing will come in front of us in Hindi.

5. Coursera

Coursera is a very popular education platform, from where you can do any course online. It is a paid platform. To do any course from here, you have to pay Fees. The official website of Coursera is You can create your account by going here, and by choosing your favorite course, you can take certificate degree etc. Here you have complete information about the fees in front of all the courses. You can choose the course according to your budget from here.

7. Edutopia

Edutopia is a YouTube channel, on which things related to technology are taught, apart from this, how to collect technical equipment and use them, all these things are taught on this YouTube channel. If you want to learn such things, then you can learn online with the help of this channel.


BYJU’S is a very popular App. Here you can read about many courses online. All Syllabus from 4th Class to 12th Class is taught at BYJU’S. Apart from this, government job studies are also done here.

How to take online class?

To take online classes, first of all you need to have a good internet connection. After this you must have a mobile, computer or laptop. After that you can take online class. Apart from this, if the online class is being conducted by any institute, then it is very important to have the app of the online class conducted by them. Because some institutes conduct online classes on their own application. Apart from this, some other apps are also used for online classes, in which the mainly used apps are Google Meet Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

How to prepare for Competitive Exam?

To prepare for the Competitive Exam, first of all it is very important for you to manage your time. Only then you can prepare for any competitive exam. For this, you should make a time table of studies according to all the tasks of your whole day. To make the time table, you should first look at the subject of your competitive exam. Accordingly, you should give a few hours to the symbol subject.

If a subject is very strong for you, then you should spare little time for it and prepare well for the subject in which you are a little weak in reading. Whenever you prepare for a competitive exam, you have to read about many subjects in it. Maybe, there are some topics included in this exam, which you do not like at all, but you should focus on all the topics. Whenever you read diligently, you start enjoying reading all the subjects. In this way you can prepare for any competitive exam.How to Study Online from Mobile

Note – In this article you How do you study online? All the important information related to this is given. Apart from this, along with how to study online in this article, it has also been told about How to Study Online from Mobile, Competitive Exam Preparation . I sincerely hope that you must have liked this article. If you have any kind of question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, then please do share this article with all your friends, thank you.

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