Indane Gas Booking Number 2022, Online, SMS, WhatsApp, IVRS

Indane Gas Booking Number 2022 – Indane Gas Company works under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, which is a subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation. It is the second largest such company in the world, which is run by the government, in which LPG is manufactured. Indane Gas Company was conceived in the year 1964 with the aim of preparing modern food in the kitchen of Indian households.

India’s first Indane LPG gas connection was issued on 22 October 1965 in Kolkata. At present, every second gas connection in every Indian household is from Indane. Today you can get Indane Brand Gas Cylinder delivered to your home by online booking. So let’s know, Indane Gas Booking Number List of all states and how to book Gas Cylinder? All the important information related to this-

Indane Gas Booking Number 2022

Indane Gas Booking Number
SN States Name IVRS Number
1 Telangana 7718955555
2 Delhi 7718955555
3 Haryana 7718955555
4 Odisha 7718955555
5 Jharkhand 7718955555
6 Andhra Pradesh 7718955555
7 Rajasthan 7718955555
8 Bihar 7718955555
9 Madhya Pradesh 7718955555
10 Jammu and Kashmir 7718955555
11 Kerala 7718955555
12 Karnataka 7718955555
13 Gujarat 7718955555
14 Maharashtra 7718955555
15 Chandigarh 7718955555
16 West Bengal 7718955555
17 Tamil Nadu 7718955555
18 Punjab 7718955555
19 Uttarakhand 7718955555
20 Uttar Pradesh 7718955555

Here you have been given Indane gas booking numbers of all major states. You can book your gas by the number of that state in whichever state you live.

Indane Gas Booking Registration 2022


There is a great news for all the Indian people, that now there is no need to book LPG gas by standing in line. Because now through Indane Gas you can do online registration of your cylinder connection. Because the Government of India is working day by day to make India digital. That’s why more and more things have gone online. Due to which the error in the new connection has also reduced.

Because earlier there was corruption on all government schemes. But since everything has been done online, corruption is not happening either. If you want to do Indane Gas Online Booking Registration for New Connection, then you can do it very easily. For this, you can also get more information by calling Indane Gas’s Toll Free Number: 1800 2333 555.

How to do Indane Gas Booking – Indane Gas Online Booking

As you have been told above, now due to digitization in India, everything is being done online. In this LPG connection has also been included. Now you can do Indane Gas Cylinder Booking Online through home selling phone. However, earlier one had to stand in a long line for Cylinder Booking. But since this facility has been made online, since then the customers have got rid of many problems. You can book your gas online in 5 ways. So let’s know, what are those ways, with the help of which you can book your gas cylinder online –

Indane Gas Refill Booking Online

You can book Indane gas by the following procedures, which are as follows:

  1. You can book online by calling.
  2. You can register online.
  3. You can book by sending SMS.
  4. You can book through mobile app.
  5. You can book by visiting Indane gas agency.

Indane Gas Book Online


Indian Oil Corporation has issued a number for online booking of LPG connections. On which all the customers can call and book their gas at any time. This number 24 is available. Let us know, some important information related to Indane gas booking –

  • Initially, the facility of online gas booking was launched for smart cities.
  • When this feature started running well in smart cities, after that it was released in other cities and some rural areas.
  • Commercial cylinders are not covered under this scheme.
  • Once you have booked your cylinder online, after that you will not be given the delivery of the cylinder. Rather, an OPT comes on your registered mobile number, after that you have to give that OTP to the delivery agent, after which you are given the delivery of the cylinder.
  • If your mobile number is not yet registered on your new connection, then you can update it through any delivery agent or through mobile app.
  • Apart from this, if you have changed your house to a different address, then you should also update your home address.

Indane Gas Booking Phone Number

Indane Gas Online Refill Booking Registration 2022

Step 1. For gas booking, first you have to enter the Indane key. official website will go on.

Step 2. On the home page you will see a Register button, you have to click on this button, as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 3. After this you have to register yourself here.

Step 4. After this a form will appear in front of you as shown below, here you have to enter some of your information, in which you have to fill First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email, and click on Proceed button.

Step 5. When you have created your account, after that you login to the website and click on Book Your Cylinder.

Step 6. Here you will be asked for some information, after filling all the information, you have to click on Book Now.

Step 7. When you click on Book Now, after this your Booking Number will appear in front of you. Apart from this, all the details of your booking will be sent to your registered mobile number. In this way you can book gas online.

Indane LPG Gas Booking Phone Number

  • To book gas through IVR online, you have to first call 77189 55555 from your registered mobile number.
  • Here you will be asked to choose your language. Select the language in which you want to speak.
  • After this you will be connected with the gas agency of your area.
  • Here you will be asked for your Customer ID, which you have to type during the call.
  • After this you will be asked to press some buttons for booking gas, you have to press the button for booking.
  • When you select the option for booking, your booking number is communicated to you over the call, and all the same details are also sent to your registered mobile number.
  • In this way you can book gas through IVR number.

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How to book Indane Gas Cylinder by SMS

  • To book Indane Gas Cylinder via SMS, you have to first open the message box of your phone.
  • After this you have to send the message 77189 5555 to this mobile number.
  • You can send the message by typing <16 Digit ConsumerID> or <16 Digit ConsumerID>SV.
  • When you send the message, after that all the booking information will be sent to your registered mobile number by SMS.
  • With all these mentioned procedures, you can book gas through SMS.

how to book gas on whatsapp

You can book gas through WhatsApp from your registered telephone as seen in the screenshot below.

How to book gas with missed call number

You can make gas booking by miscalling from your registered telephone number as seen in the screenshot given below.

Benefits of Indane Gas Online Booking

  • Earlier, when gas was booked offline, there was a lot of fraud at that time. But due to online booking, it is completely over.
  • At present, all the gas companies are providing online gas booking facilities.
  • Online gas booking is very easy. You can book gas online very easily by the above mentioned methods.
  • Also, you have many options for booking gas online.
  • You can also book your gas cylinder with the help of mobile application.
  • You also save time through online booking, and you also avoid standing in long lines.

History of Indane (LPG)

The first marketing of LPG in India was started by Burma Shell Oil Company in Mumbai in 2955. It was very prosperous and popular till the time Indian Oil came along. After this, the Indian Oil brand was conceived in the year 1964, at that time its beginning was very modest. Indian LPG released its first cylinder on 22 October 1965 in Kolkata. After this, Indian Oil started its two dealership branches in Patna and Kolkata in October 1965.

Which included a list of about 2000 users. At that time people considered it unsafe to keep LPG cylinders in homes, as it was a completely new experience for the people. But almost 50 years later, Indane Corporation has about 98 million customers, and it distributes more than 2 million LPG cylinders daily to Indian households. Most of the LPG is kept inside the LPG cylinder inside the bottling plant.

At present, Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has 91 bottling plants across the country. Subsequently, LPG from these plants is received through pipelines, through rail and road to bulk LPG. It is then collected into large vessels, then purified by a carousel machine and filled into cylinders. Indian Oil Corporation has the world’s highest LPG bottling plant in Leh, whose height is about 3500 meters above sea level.

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Note – In this article you have been given a list of Indane Gas Booking Number 2022. With the help of which you can easily book gas online. Apart from this, Indane Gas Booking Miss Call Number and many important information have been provided to you in this article. I sincerely hope that your question is also how to book Gas Cylinder? You must have got the answer. If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, then please do share this article with your friends.

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