IPL 2022 New Rules: 10 New Rules Imposed By BCCI In IPL 2022

10 New Rules Imposed By BCCI In IPL 2022 – Friends, IPL 2022 will run from 26 March to 29 May, but this time there has been a lot of change in IPL, whether it is team or player reshuffle or big changes like sponsor have been seen, but in the meantime 10 in one IPL 2022. Tremendous rules have been implemented, so in this article we will give you 10 tremendous rules implemented in IPL 2022 (10 New Rules Imposed By BCCI in IPL 2022).

10 New Rules Imposed By BCCI in IPL 2022

In the 15th season of IPL starting from 26th March, now BCCI has implemented 10 awesome rules that you should know which will be seen in this IPL, then we are going to tell you 10 amazing rules of IPL in turn. –

1. Strategic time out

Friends, till now in the history of 13 years of IPL, the time out was taken 2 times of 2.30 minutes, the first time out can be taken by the fielding team up to 9 overs and the second time out can be taken by the betting team here till 16 overs but in this 2022 BCCI has increased this time to 3 minutes, which this year will now see a time out of 3 minutes.

IPL 2022 New Rules

2. Boundary Line

So far in IPL history, it has been seen that if there is a small line in a stadium, then a big line has been seen in some stadium, but this year in IPL 2022, BCCI has decided to have equal boundary line in its stadium if 70 meters in any ground. If there is a boundary line, then there will be a boundary of 70 meters in the entire IPL, which means that all the teams are going to get equal benefits.

3. 360* Degree Cameras in stadium

Actually in this year’s IPL, now like T20 World Cup, 360 * degree camera will be seen in IPL, ie cameras will be visible in every part of the stadium, meaning photos and videos will be made live from 360 * degree, which means this time IPL. I will also get to see from 360 * degree angle, as well as the camera will also be seen in the helmets of wicket keeper and batsmen players.

4. Penalty for slow over rate

BCCI used to impose a fine of Rs 1 lakh on slow over rate captain, but now BCCI has imposed a new fine on the team in addition to 1 lakh fine on the captain, in which if any bowling team will not be able to complete 20 overs in 90 minutes. In the last over, an extra one player of that team will be called in that circle i.e. it will be very difficult for the team to put the last over, where we have seen that ICC has also implemented this rule. BCCI has also implemented this rule in IPL. have applied

For example, let us understand that Mumbai Indian is not able to complete its 20 overs against Delhi in 90 minutes, so here after 19 overs, the first umpire of the 20th over has 5 fielders in the big circle, out of which one fielder has to be smaller. Will be called in the circle means only 4 fielders will remain in the outer circle in the last over.

5. IPL Bio Bubble

For the first time in the history of IPL, BCCI has established the shortest Bio Bubble where BCCI has kept the corentine for Bio Bubble for only 3 days, in other places, the Corentine has been kept for 7,10,12 days where IPL has only 3 days. only kept corentine

6. Crowd in IPL

Actually IPL this year BCCI has decided to organize IPL with crowd And then finally it will be seen with 100% crowd where the stadium will be full so that cricket fans can take away the IPL even more.

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7. Ball Change After Six

This time BCCI has made a new rule in IPL, but last year in the rule of six, that hair could be used by sanitizing it again, but this time in IPL, that ball will not be used due to crowd. Means new hair will be used, this time in IPL, BCCI may have to bear the loss of 18 thousand rupees on each hair.

8. Mankad Run-Out Form

Friends, now BCCI and ICC have made rules regarding Mankad Run-Out, so far it has been seen that Mankad Run-Out used to become a controvary but now it is included in the rule that any player can do any Mankad Run-Out. For example, when a player comes to betting on the pitch, then the player with a non-strike runs for the first run of the ball, then the bowler can run out to that player backwards, which we call Mankad Run-Out It is said that what will be seen in this IPL 2022.

9. Saliva Ban

Now IPL has banned Saliva, meaning the ball cannot be cleaned or cleaned with Saliva, not only in IPL but also in ICC, Saliva will not be used.

10. Group Stage & Playoffs

Till now IPL was played in the format of double round robin and playoff i.e. one team played 2-2 matches in the group stage and the other team played 2-2 matches from all the remaining stages, in this way all the teams of IPL 14-14 in the group stage. Used to play in the playoffs but this time the format has changed completely because this time IPL will be played not only in double round robin but also in group stage format i.e. in group stage and playoff format because IPL 2022 will be played in total. 10 teams are about to play, because of this the rule has been changed.

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Conclusion :

Friends, here are some changes in the rules of IPL 2022, which will be seen in this IPL, hope that from this article you will be able to know about all the 10 rules of IPL, if you are a cricket fan then read this article as much as possible. Reach the people so that more people can know the new rules of IPL -Thank you.

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