Jahnavi Kapoor went out to party in short clothes late at night

Jahnavi Kapoor went out to party in short clothes late at night. Janhvi Kapoor had a party late on the weekend with her friends. Videos of the actress and her friends have surfaced on social media during this time, which are becoming increasingly popular.The video that surfaced, in which Jhanvi Kapoor and her friends are seen in a very hot style, was accompanied by a huge crowd of fans.

Ananya Panday, Shanaya Kapoor and alleged boyfriend Orhaan were seen with Janhvi Kapoor, who went to party on the weekend. A huge crowd gathered to see the actress and capture her on camera.

Jahnavi Kapoor went out to party in short clothes late at night
Jahnavi Kapoor

In such a situation, even Orhan could not save Jhanvi Kapoor from the crowd. During this his bodyguards took him inside safely. In the video, you can see Jhanvi Kapoor acting very well in the crowd.

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Talking about the look of the actress, Janhvi Kapoor looked very beautiful in a green color mini skirt and yellow strappy top. As she turned around in swirls, she took a bag in her hand. Janhvi Kapoor’s style is becoming increasingly popular on social media.
The name of the person who is seen with Jhanvi Kapoor is Orhan. He is also very active on social media and keeps posting his pictures every day. On Orhan’s Instagram, you can see that he is a very good friend of Star Kids. Orhan has shared several pictures partying with Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana and Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nyasa Devgan.

Jhanvi Kapoor has not been seen partying with Orhan for the first time, but even before that she and Orhan have been seen together in a very special way many times. Earlier, a video of them dancing together in Mumbai surfaced.

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