‘Jhansi’ 2022 Webseries Review: New webseries Release on Disney Hotstar

‘Jhansi’ 2022 Webseries Review-New webseries Release on Disney Hotstar

Disney Plus Hotstar has launched an inspirational narrative to complement its already extensive library of web series and films. The platform offers “Jhansi,” an action-packed tale presented as a thoroughly enjoyable series.

Thiru, the creator of Jhansi, provides an intriguing story as a satisfying, full-length television series with Anjali playing the key role.

The horrible truths of violence against women, children, and drugs serve as the inspiration for the film “Jhansi.” In “Jhansi,” an emotional action thriller with unexpected turns and turns, this generation of naive, pure-minded women is shown.

After a long absence, Anjali comes back in a major part in Disney Hotstar’s newest web series, Jhansi, which will start streaming on the OTT platform on October 27. The online series has generated some positive buzz, and promotions are currently in full force. Check out the web series’ performance.

'Jhansi' 2022 Webseries Review

‘Jhansi’ 2022 the main character, is a woman who has forgotten her past. Jhansi presently enjoys a lovely life with her child and husband, but she is haunted by her past.

The remaining portion of Jhansi’s story is about what happened. In her past and why she is being pursued so ferociously.

How Mahita, an ordinary woman, was able to change into ‘Jhansi’ is one among the secrets of this enthralling series, which has already started streaming. Because of her memory loss, Mahita wakes up with a mysterious past and terrifying memories, which makes her existence challenging. Her life has changed from being a devoted wife and mother.

She has no recollection of her troubled past or of her adversaries. She only recalls being mistreated. Can Jhansi exact revenge for the sins done against her given that she has no memory of the past? Will she be able to connect her past and present?

The Disney Plus HotStar audience are currently preoccupied with these thoughts. For the answers to these queries, be sure to watch “Jhansi” on Disney Plus HotStar. In “Jhansi,” the struggle between Mahita’s present and history is depicted. Only on Disney Plus HotStar can you get a glimpse into her life.

'Jhansi' 2022 Webseries Review

The titular character, who is portrayed by Anjali, is the focal point of the narrative. She carries the entire setup on her shoulders quite well, and she effortlessly emotes throughout every scene in which she appears, demonstrating once more what a talented performer she is. Since we only got to see her in one episode, it will be interesting to see how she develops over the course of the other episodes.


The supporting cast, which consists of Samyukta Hornad, Raj Arun, Adarsh Balakrishna, and Chandini Chowdary, all does a wonderful job. They are all flawlessly placed in their respective characters and act as a solid springboard for Anjali’s star-making performance.

The plot chosen by the director, Thiru, is undoubtedly a good one, and so far, his handling of it has been satisfactory. The pilot episode, in particular, had enough intrigue to hold everyone’s attention. How he handled the remaining instances will be evident.

Both the cinematography and the production design are of the highest calibre. The background music by Sricharan Pakala complements the images admirably and effectively conveys the tension and circumstance of what is happening to the audience.

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