King Charles and Queen Camilla Took their Vows As They Accepted the British Throne

For the first time, Prince Charles took the charge of King officially as he sat on the British Throne. In an official event on Monday King Charles and Queen Camilla sat on the British Throne. They officially took the charge after Queen Elizabeth’s death and becomes the new king and Queen of the United Kingdom.

King Charles III Become Emotional

It was an emotional ride for the new king as he took the place of his beloved mother. In his speech today in front of the legislative body he was mentioning Queen Elizabeth and her great contribution to Great Britain.

King Charles and Queen Camilla sat on the throne in presence of the legislative Body of England and the members of the House of Lords. Charles expresses deep gratitude for the support from his people. And he thanks them to stand by in the tough time. Also, he pledged to the well-being of the constitutional monarch.

He mentions Queen Elizabeth and the great journey she led throughout. She took the charge of the British throne at a very young age. And she successfully performed all her duties with great devotion. She is an inspiration and he will follow her to set a great monarch.

The New King Expressed Gratitude William and Harry

During the speech, the King didn’t forget to mention Prince Harry and William. He wishes Prince Harry a better life with his wife Megan Markle while performing all his duties.

King Charles and Queen Camilla

Also, King Charles and Queen Camilla believe that Prince William is going to set a great example through his duties toward the country’s people. With Kate Middleton, Prince William will perform the greatest duties and lead a great nation he expressed.

As King Charles and Queen Camilla took the Throne over, they will now take a mourning tour to four nations.

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