Latest Game: Pokemon trading card game 2022 Review

Pokemon trading card game 2022 Review 

 If you are a fan of pokemon series, video games, and television shows here is a great way to feel like a pokemon master.As a kid, while watching the pokemon series.

We wish to have a pokemon like in the show and even wish to become a pokemon trainer.

But these cute creatures are just a fantasy. By playing these trading card games we can get the experience of a pokemon master.

Pokemon trading card game 2022

This article explains how to play the trading card game Live  step by step. After it will become easy for you to play this card game with your family and friends.

A step-by-step guide to playing the pokemon trading card game: 

The first part is setting your cards. Before starting the game shuffle the deck well. Each deck should have sixty cards. If you don’t have sixty cards in your deck it’s not a problem.

Pokemon New games 2022

Ask your opponent if it is okay to play with less than sixty cards. But each player must have the same number of cards. By tossing the coin select the player who can start the game. The first player cannot attack their first move.

The players have to take the first seven cards from the deck to put them aside down faced. From these seven cards, the players have to look for a basic card. The categories of the pokemon are mentioned on the left side of the card.

In these seven cards, if you don’t have a basic card shuffle your deck again and take another seven cards.

This method is called a mulligan. If any one of the players performs a mulligan, the opponent can get the choice of drawing an extra card.

After getting a basic pokemon, use the card to attack and put the card down faced in front of you.


If the player has more basic cards they can down-face the card beneath the active card in their bench.

The player can only use five cards at one time. Put the prize cards from the side down faced.

Pokemon trading card game Live

Whenever the player attacks the opponent’s pokemon, the player can get a prize card. If the player runs out of the prize cards, he is the winner.

If the player knocks out the opponent’s EX or GX pokemon, he can get two prize cards instead of one.

This special rule helps to finish the game faster. The unwanted pile should be put under the deck. When the player is ready to start the game turn the active and benched pokemon cards have to be faced up.

The remaining cards should be down-faced. the player can’t be allowed to look into the deck or the prize cards.

If the player takes all the prize cards or knocked out the opponent’s pokemon or the opponent runs off cards the player wins.

Let’s see how to play your cards. In the beginning, the player has to draw a card. This step is mandatory. If the player has a basic pokemon card, he can place them on the bench. If the player wants, this can be done five times.

Pokemon trading card game Live

The player can attach one energy card on each turn by placing the cards underneath the pre-evolved forms.

The player can get a lot of benefits from the trainer cards. The player can use these cards on their turn. Items, supporters, tools, and stadiums are the different types of trainer cards.

After the player used the trainer cards it has to be placed in the discard pile. By the tool card, the pokemon get a tool that doesn’t have from the start. This tool is attached to the pokemon until the pokemon gets knocked out. If the player has an evolution card for the pokemon on the bench he can use the card by placing it on the bench to evolve the pokemon.

But the player can’t evolve the pokemon on their first turn. For special effects, some pokemon have special abilities.

These special abilities are not for attacks. While using the special abilities the player has to announce it to the opponent.

The player can retreat the pokemon by switching the card on the bench. Whenever the player wants to retreat the energy attached to the pokemon will be discarded.

Pokemon trading card game 2022

The player can attack the opponent’s active card by using their card. But the player can’t attack their first turn. Before attacking, the player has to check the right amount of energy attached to the pokemon.

Find the weakness of your opponent’s pokemon before attacking it. Be aware of the weakness of your pokemon, or else it will be knocked out by your opponent. If your pokemon has a defending residence it will cause less damage to your pokemon. Some special effects which come under attacks can increase the damage output.

The player has to watch out for these cards. The damage counters represent ten damages for each damage. The knocked-out pokemon should be discarded on the owner’s pile, with all of its attachment, evolution, and energies. Later the player can take the prize card.

Some of the special conditions have to be handled carefully. This special condition is harmful to the pokemon. The special conditions are applied to burned, poisoned, confused, paralyzed, and asleep. Except for confusion, other effects should have occurred in turns.

The player should be marked the poisoned pokemon with a poison marker. Between each turn, it takes one damage counter. If the pokemon got burned put the burn marks on it. by tossing the coin the player can free their pokemon by burn damage.

Pokemon trading card game Live

The pokemon takes no burn damage if the coin shows heads. If it shows tails place two damage counters on the burned pokemon. The player has to turn the Asleep pokemon counterclockwise. Asleep pokemon can’t attack or retreat. If the player wants to wake up the pokemon it will be decided by flipping the coin. If heads, it can wake up, if tails it remains to be asleep. Paralyzed pokemon can be cured in between the turns. Paralyzed pokemon should be turned clockwise.

The confused pokemon should be turned upside down. when the player wants to attack the confused pokemon, he has to flip a coin. If the coin shows heads the attack will land successfully, unless it tails the attack doesn’t do anything and place three counter damages on the pokemon.

Affected pokemon should be returned to the bench for their healing. It is the easiest way to heal the affected ones. But it cannot be applicable for asleep or paralyzed pokemon. Instead of using the side effects, it can be switched. The player can also use trainer cards to heal the pokemon.

The player can use only one healing condition even if the pokemon is affected by many attacks.

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