‘Love Today’ 2022 Review: Pradeep Ranganathan Won The Hearts of The Audience on Netflix

‘Love Today’ 2022 Review: Audience Review-Pradeep Ranganathan who got noticed for his talents in the movie “Comali”, created yet another wonderful movie named “Love Today”. Love Today is a Tamil romantic comedy-drama film. Pradeep Ranganathan wrote the story and directed the film. From AGS Entertainment Kalpathi S. Agoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, and Kalpathi S. Suresh produced the film. Red Giant Movies distributed the film. Love Today is based on the short film “App(a) Lock” by Pradeep Ranganathan himself. Love Today hit the screen on 4th November 2022. Netflix bought the digital rights of the film.  

‘Love Today’Overview

 Movie Title  Love Today
 Relase Date  4 Nov2022
Produced by  AGS Entertainment
Directed by  Pradeep Ranganathan
Cast Raveena Ravi and Ivana etc
 Streaming Platform Netflix
Language  Tamil
Review  9.3/10⭐⭐⭐


 ‘Love Today’ Cast

The Director of the film Pradeep Ranganathan done the role of Uthaman Pradeep. The female lead Nikitha was played by Ivana. Divya, the elder sister of Uthaman Pradeep was played by Raveena Ravi. Sathyaraj done the role of Nikitha’s father as Venu Shastri. Uthaman’s and Divya’s mother was played by Radhika Sarathkumar as Saraswathi. Yogi Babu played the role of Divya’s husband Dr. Yogi. Finally Bharath and Kathir as Uthaman’s friends, Super Singer fame Ajeedh Khalique, Vijay Varadaraj, and Akshaya Udayakumar.'Love Today' 2022 Review

The plot of the film ‘Love Today’

Two young bidding lovers want to get married to each other. The father of the female lead put a quest before them, which is the big twist in the film. He assures them that he will allow them to get married but on one condition. They have to exchange their mobile phones for a day. If they still want to get married after that he will accept their marriage. Did they still want to be together after a day? The answer to the question is the remaining story of the film.

In the ear of mobile phones, we are not ready to share our mobile phones even for the slightest second. This is the true reality. You will ask this question to yourself. Can I leave my phone to someone for a day?  The answer that comes from us is absolute no. The film explores the theme of this. The director carried this theme in a romantic and comedic way. Everyone thinks that they know well about their loved ones. It is natural to think like that. The lovers in the film also believe that they know all about each other.

The wall of trust that they had in each other crumbled after their phones were exchanged. Satyaraj did his role well as a clever and humorous father. As usual, he made the audience laugh with his eccentric acting. Though, he is an eccentric person in real life. After the film Comali, this is the second film of Yogi Babu with Pradeep Ranganathan. The director made the film interesting and delivers all the elements in the correct dose. Moreover, the background score by Yuvan Sankar Raja mesmerized the audience. Every cast in the movie did a neat job in their respective roles. This film got a place in the hearts of youngsters.'Love Today' 2022 Review

Audience Review on ‘Love Today’

Viewers praised the story of Pradeep and his acting as a debut actor. They added that Pradeep balances the story between the adult comedy and love film well. They felt that the director neatly plans the screen time for each character. Viewers felt that the film portrays people from the real world. Not only comedy, but the movie carries emotional sequences as well. Some audience even says that the film will help you to get back from your depression.

The audience loves the acting of Satyaraj and Yogi Babu. They say that the message of the film portrays the time of the modern era. Viewers felt that every penny and every second they put to watch the film is worthwhile. Overall Love Today hit the sky for its amazing storyline and the beautiful acting of the cast. After this film, Pradeep Ranganathan will never leave your head and fans are waiting for his next project.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go and watch Pradeep’s masterpiece Love Today.

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