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Mili (2022) Movie Review:Release Date, Cast,and Trailer|All You Need to Know About-As Time is passing Bollywood is concentrating on content. For the last few years Bollywood has been making some extraordinary movies based on real life and relatable staffs.

The youngsters of the film industry are making a mark by choosing these characters and proving their raw talent. And the positive thing is the audience is also very enthusiastic as they are accepting these things generously. Most of the times this kind of movies are not proved to be box office hits but from critical reviews, they’re on top.

Now here is a movie called Mili which is supposed to be released on November 4, 2022 in India that we’re talking about. The box office Friday is going to be real fun. Mili (2022) Movie Review:Release Date, Cast,Trailer

Director: the movie is directed by Mathukutty Xavier

Distributor: Zee studios Based on: Helen’s 2019

The movie was originally released in Malayalam in the year 2019 and was directed by Xavier himself so this is a remake by himself too. The original movie is critically acclaimed.

Now it’s time to see if the Hindi version stands out to be as prominent as possible. The mystery cum thrillers future is yet to be determined.
The original movie starred Anna Ben and noble Babu Thomas it was not a big box office hit but the movie was accepted by critics and movie lovers. So janhvi has the pressure to perform that character properly.

 Mili (2022) Movie Cast :

  1. Janhvi Kapoor as Mili
  2. Sunny Kausal as Sammer
  3.  Manoj Pahwa as Mr.Naudiyal
  4. Sanjay Suri as inspector Ravi
  5. Vikram Kochhar as Sudheer

Mili (2022) Movie Trailer :

The trailer was released earlier around two weeks ago and it received very positive responses all around social media. Though Janhvi is attacked very easily the for being a star kid and this movie is also produced by his father Bonny Kapoor so there’s a lot of criticism around it.

But when fans watch the trailer they were stunned to see the performance of Janhvi and everyone was praising her character. For the last few films she has been choosing different kinds of characters to prove herself and this is also not an exception.

Mili (2022) Movie Plot:

Janhvi as well as the fans have been waiting that the movie turns out well and for her also to get the chance to prove herself but it’s the time that will tell everything for we have to wait until Friday.
Review Janhvi Kapoor is always seen in a character like a girl next door as we all know her.Mili (2022) Movie Review

But this time she had experimented with her talent as well as the script. fans were not ready to see Janhvi in this but the trailer was promising at the same time Vicky Kaushal’s brother sunny is the first time staring at her.
From the trailer, we can see that the initial part portion of the trailer it’s quite fun-loving and blooming. But as time went the real thrills comes. There are two shades of the movie. The cinematography is quite good as well.

The original movie is about a girl who get locked in a freezer and the journey of her is how she it gets out of that and saves herself. Here Janhvi is also seen doing the same thing which is she is trying to get out of that which led to a deadly destination . This is a type of genre that is not a typical hearing in Bollywood but looks quite promising. sunny is also seen in a character of her love interest but the main character of the movie is Janhvi which is Mili.

Now it’s time to see how the actual movie will turn out and we can only analyze her performance after watching the full piece of it. So all the best to the cast and crew. But fans have to wait two days more so they can finally go to the hall and watch it. Promotions have been going on for a long time janvi and sunny both are trying really hard to get to reach the audience now it’s all in their hand . 

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