Movie Review: ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Story and Public Review

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Movie Review: ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Story and Social Media Review Release Date:  As you all might know The one piece film: Red movie series is already quite popular around the fans . The growing popularity of anime around the whole world has led to the success of this series too. This is claimed to be the most successful anime in Japan released this year.

Not only this is a commercial hit but also very much critically acclaimed.The graphics , animation and character representation all are upto the point . The visual relaxation never fails to disappoint. Because of the beautiful storyline and execution of the script perfectly, it turned into a masterpiece.

Now let’s take a look at the story in a brief manner.One Piece Film: Red


Release Date  7 October, 2022 ( India)
Director Goro Taniguchi
Produced by TOEI Animation
Characters Uta
Genre Anime
Origin Japan


The lead character is a very talented ,beautiful and extraordinary pop singer named Uta. She has been portrayed beautifully- from every perception. And there’s another character named Luffy , who is a pirate mafia .

The story will revolve around them. With immense talent, Uta has been singing for a long time but not everyone recognize her because she sings in disguise .But that didn’t last long as Luffy recognizes her Uta being a heroic one tried to convince them to stay with her . But unfortunately they didn’t agree . So she turned to her avatar . With her musical capabilites she tried to cast a spell over all of them. 

The story is not very very unique as we can see and predictive sometimes. But due to the amazing music and vocals the category of sound effect wins completely .The characters evolution are phenomenal. It could be a short length one but due to that it became the most lengthy movie of the series.

The fighting sequences are very smooth and nice to watch. The movie has a strong backstory, because of that a lot of people will be able to understand it easily.

Review :

One Piece Film: Red

The movie got 95% positive reviews on popular site Rotten Tomatoes and got 7 grade out of 10 on imdb. So you can definitely guess how it went right?
As I mentioned earlier it became the highest grossing anime in Japan thus year .

Because of the screenplay and amazing music score it was able to gather a lot of audiences . It also went to become successful after it was released worldwide. Though it had some tough competition with Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam but still managed to make its own way .
The people who watched it shared their reactions throughout the social media. While some called it a masterpiece others tagged it as The Best . The eye catching elements were so impressing and pleasant to watch that even a non anime lover would love this .
The movie is totally a watch worthy , at least I can say. Uta’s whole journey will make you stick to the chair in the movie hall. The emotions shown here is also something we shouldn’t stop appreciating. You can sure watch this because we don’t want you to miss this masterpiece.

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