Movie Review : “Phone Bhoot” 2022 This Is Comedy and Horror Drama Movie

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Review : “Phone Bhoot”- The newest trend in Bollywood and on mobile devices is horror humor. Following the arrest of the Bhoot Police, the most recent Indian Ghostbusters variant is Bhoot.The bizarre narrative, which is meant for young people of all ages and unfolds like a comic strip, offers appealing opportunities for popular culture’s politically incorrect and subversive ideas.

Such a Horror Movie “Phone Bhoot” which was premiered on 4 November 2022 is at the center of his thoughtless comics.It is absurd and continuously disparages your intelligence. Nevertheless, there are some enjoyable aspects despite everything.

“Phone Bhoot” Movie Cast :

  • Katrina Kaif
  • Ishaan Khatter
  • Siddhant Chaturvedi
  • Jackie Shroff
  • Sheeba Chaddha

Quick Recap On Story – 

“Phone Bhoot” is astonishingly poorly designed in every way.The movie makes a concerted effort to keep you from forgetting Kaif’s obvious sensuality because the movie is obsessed with it.Phone Bhoot

It tries everything it can to make it worse, from making her copy the shockingly sexist Slice Aamstura commercial to doing a sensual shower dance with Khatter to the song “In The Night No Control” from the 1996 movie “Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi” with Akshay Kumar and Rekha. Phone Bhoot acknowledges that Kaif has made a career out of jerkily gyrating her body into what we have come to view (and love) as dance by showing us not one but two of her doing so.It is truly so desperate.Even though Kaif has been acting in Hindi films for the past 19 years, I find it surprising that she would still choose to take on such roles.

You won’t have to give these movies any of your time or attention.While browsing Instagram or having a conversation with friends, such a movie might be seen.

Fans Review – 

The newest horror-comedy thriller from Bollywood, starring Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khatter, and Siddhant Chaturvedi, has moments where it is hilarious and others where it is downright ridiculous.

Phone Bhoot has far too many and complicated problems.As a result, delving into the specifics of each one would be as pointless as watching the movie.However, I’ll share a few with you.To begin, Major is Punjabi and Gullu, a “Madrasi.”The movie uses their local identity as a gimmick to make a few more crude jokes. Ragini betrays the guys’ confidence after the break.You quickly realize, however, that it was unnecessary.Our antagonist, Atmaram (Shroff), frequently deviates from his usual persona while living in a disgusting setting that resembles a subpar television.

When the actor saw through the ruse during the shoot, it almost appears as though he made the decision to give up.He was smart.Around halftime, I also considered leaving the theater.It was too many attacks for a Friday morning.He transforms into Jackie Shroff in the following scene, smiling, yelling bhidu, and cursing.Phone Bhoot

The film “Phone Bhoot”which was directed by Gurmmeet Singh, gets off to a great start thanks to its sharp composition and entertaining dialogue, which makes the audience sympathize with the two clumsy dolts who act like legends.Due to their strong bond, Siddhant and Ishaan’s scenes are enjoyable to watch.However, the only character who truly brings the film to life is Katrina.However, just as the plot is coming to a conclusion, the producers decide to include a Katrina dance routine, and the entire situation unintentionally hits a block facade.”Phone Bhoot” also has constant difficulties with it.The plot deviates and diverges just as things begin to become intriguing.

conclusion :  

“Phone Bhoot”appears to be capable.It was a well-written effort that had both advantages and disadvantages and was not entirely successful.It is a respectable addition to the growing horror comedy subgenre in Bollywood.It’s not quite as funny or clever as Stree, but neither is it as bad as Roohi.

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