New Punjabi Movie “Honeymoon” (2022) Review: Story and Audiance Review

New Punjabi Movie “Honeymoon” Review: Gippy Grewal and Jasmin Bhasin-Amar Preet Chhabra’s film Honeymoon (2022), with Karamjit Anmol, Jagdeep Aulakh, and Jasmin Bhasin in the lead roles, is about a Punjabi newlywed couple who wish to go on a honeymoon. They ask the rest of their family to join them in celebrating a land transaction that garnered them a great price even if they don’t know what it means to the rest of their family.

 Honeymoon (2022) Review: 

Gippy Grewal’s character Deep’s (Gippy Grewal) grandfather foolishly explodes a hand grenade that lands on his fields during the 1971 Indo-Pak War, setting the stage for the rest of the movie. Following that, the plot shows how stupid the next generation will be, along with humorous character banter and pointless but amusing happenings. With a running period of 2 hours and 14 minutes, filmmaker Amar Preet Chhabra offers an enjoyable farce about 14 country bumpkins traveling to the UK on a “honeymoon.” 

Honeymoon (2022)

Honeymoon (2022) StoryLine

The sole almost-smart male in the family, Deep, immediately falls in love with Sukh (Jasmin Bhasin). The family strikes it lucky as soon as they are married when the government offers to purchase their 25 lakh rupee ($3 million) piece of land to build an airport. Sukh requests to go on a honeymoon overseas because her family views her as their good luck charm and wants to give her something. Although the family is unsure of what their newfound money entails, they nevertheless want to participate in the celebration. Deep is persuaded to bring them all along by a kind-hearted Sukh.

The remainder of the movie is about their mischief. Unintentionally, Deep’s bua (Nirmal Rishi) often declares that she is on a honeymoon with 14 other people and that her husband has passed away. Your humorous bone will be tickled by her moments with an expat named Jaswant nicknamed Jassa (Naresh Kathooria), who runs into her repeatedly and even tries to assist her. Harby Sangha portrays Deep’s brother-in-law, who tries to sell kohl on an airplane while also selling it on local buses.

 Honeymoon (2022)

Despite being a comedy, the film aims to challenge gender stereotypes. Deep won’t kiss Sukh until their wedding, not out of conservatism, but because he believes that society will be genuinely progressive when it is just as tolerant of women’s bold behavior as it is of men’s. They learn from Sukh that a daughter-in-law shouldn’t be expected to do housework when she is just as worn out as the rest of the family.

When unfair treatment forces Sukh to leave the house, Deep is presented as a considerate man who doesn’t hesitate to seek forgiveness and practically begs Sukh’s parents to bring her back. It must be the first time the groom has stood with his hands folded in front of the bride’s parents, her father says with poignancy.

Jasmin is attractive and shines as the straightforward and kind Sukh. She and Gippy, who gives a strong performance as well, work nicely together on screen. You’ll be charmed by the complete ensemble cast, including Karamjit Anmol as Deep’s chacha.

The concept of rude and stupid villagers arriving in England is not wholly original, and some of the serious parts are a bit soppy, but the direction and cast make this laugh riot worthwhile to watch.

Honeymoon (2022) Audiance Review

⭐⭐⭐ 9.1/10


Honeymoon (2022) Audiance Review

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