NSDL Agent Business Idea – Start your business by becoming NSDL Agent

NSDL Agent Business Idea –  Pan Card has become one of the most important documents for us in today’s time, that is why the demand for Pan Card has increased a lot these days. In view of this demand for PAN card, you can become an agent of PAN card, and can earn a very good income without much investment. So let’s know, how you can become an agent of PAN card.

Start your business by becoming an NSDL Agent

If you become an agent of NSDL, then you can do many types of work related to Pan Card. This business Any person who has little internet and computer knowledge, they can do this business easily. And you can easily earn up to 1 thousand rupees a day.

NSDL Agent Business Idea

You can earn so much money, by making or improving 1 Pan Card

After becoming an NSDL agent, you can also make a PAN card, and also make corrections in the PAN card. For making or correction of PAN card, you have to pay Rs.107. And you can charge 200 to 250 rupees for making or correction of 1 PAN card from the customer. Even if you make 10 PAN cards in a day, then you can earn up to 1000 rupees in 1 day.

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PAN card will be made with fingerprint only within 2 hours

By the way, you can also make PAN card without taking Paam ID, but if you create PAN card without NSDL Paam ID, then for this, mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar or PAN card has to be made offline, due to which postal Charges are also levied, and it also takes 3 to 5 days to generate a PAN card.

But if you take the Paam ID of NSDL, and create a PAN card from this ID, then you can create a PAN card without Aadhaar OTP through fingerprint, and PAN card is also made within 1 to 2 hours. .

Do this business at these places

Nowadays PAN card has started being made in many places, so you will have to do the work of making PAN card in such a place where there is no shop already making PAN card. Or if you want, you can also do this work by going from village to village. Even today there are many people in the village, whose PAN card has not been made, or there is wrong information in their PAN card. So you can go to the village and give the facility to the people to make PAN card at their home and make corrections in the PAN card, and can earn very well.

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This is how the agents of NSDL became

You can become an agent of NSDL by taking the Paam ID of NSDL. So if you want to become an agent of NSDL, and want to get NSDL Paam ID. So for this you can join the below given WhatsApp group. You will be given information in the following WhatsApp group, how you can get NSDL Paam ID.

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