Overdose (2022): Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer & More

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 Overdose (2022): Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer & More-Amazon Prime Video was streaming a French-language crime thriller movie. Overdose (2022) is a French-language movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Overdose is a genre of Mystery Thriller action movie. Olivier Marchal directed the film, and the Screenplay was done by Olivier Marchal, Christophe Gavat, and Pierre Pouvhaiter. The running time of the film is 116 minutes.

This movie is the film adaption of the novel Mortels Trafics by Pierre Pouchairet. Gaumont production company produced the film.

The film is about two former couples who have to work together on a new case which they are dealing with. Let us look for more information about the film.

Release Date of the film ‘Overdose’

The film Overdose was released on November 4, 2022. Amazon Prime Video distributed the film worldwide.

Overdose (2022)

Casts of the film Overdose

  • Sofia Essaidi as Sara Bellaiche (narcotics police officer)
  • Assaad Bouab as Richard Cross (criminal police officer)
  • Alberto Ammann as Eduardo GraciaNicolas Cazale as Reynal
  • Nassim Lyes as Said Masriche
  • Naima Rodric as Vanessa Sanchez
  • Francis Renaud as Willy De Berg
  • Kool Shen as Bob Fontana
  • Moussa Mansaly as Franck Darcheville
  • Pierre Laplace as Charles Molins
  • Sebastien Libessart as BIS- Michael Larrere
  • Zoe Marchal as Lucie Di Marco
  • Olivier Barthelemy as Victor Piquemal
  • Simon Abkarian as Daniel Prat
  • Philippe Corti as Nino Braghanti
  • Kenza Fortas as Lella Hamoundni
  • Carlos Bardem as Alfonso Castroviejo (drug lord)
  • Nicolas Maretheu

The plot of the film Overdose

This film is full of go-fast action, and quick thrills, and is filled with lots of racing sequences. In this film, two police departments from France, the Narcotics squad and the local criminal police department forced to work together to catch a notorious drug gang.

The male lead of the film Richard Cross is the head of the Police department in Paris.Currently, he is working on a case of the murder of two teens Jerome and Ali who was killed at the children’s hospital in their beds.

To catch the murderer Richard investigates the case to find the clues.Overdose (2022) Meanwhile, the female lead of the film Sara Bellaiche is the chief of the narcotics squad at the Toulouse police department. Currently, she is working on a drug dealing case. The Chief Commissioner put her in a tight spot for not catching the drug dealers yet.  But she is planning a big scheme to catch the gang and put a mole to bring information on the drug dealers. Alfonso Castrovieja is the boss and the drug lord of the smuggling gang.  Igor Reynald is a former undercover agent who later chooses the path of smuggling.

So he was arrested and put in jail for some time.After he was released from prison he met his old friend named Eduardo Garcia. Then Garcia introduces Reynald to his boss Alfonso. Alfonso smuggles the drugs and distributed them all over France and Spain.

Later Alfonso has to deliver a new pack of drugs, so a person Said, his girlfriend Leila, and Willy De Berg, a former car racer were hired to deliver it. Reynald is also included in the plan. In the meantime, Ali’s mother was also found dead. Richard found a suspect of a man and a woman who was spotted at the scene of the crime.  But the female suspect is also found dead. The female suspect is the girlfriend of Said, Leila. It looks like she was shot during the shootout.

This incident connects both Richard and Sara. Both of them were investigating the same case but in different circumstances. Later the plot reveals that Richard is working for Sara as a spy to give information about Alsonso’s plans.

Trailer : 


Will Richard and Sara catch the gang of Alfonso? Will Richard find out the fact about the murder of the teens? We can find the answers to these questions in the remaining story. 

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