“Panthrand” Movie Cast Review-Dev Mohan

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Overview : 

Leo Thaddeus is the writer and director of the Indian Malayalam action drama Panthrand, which was premiered on  June 10, 2022.

Twelve local criminals are perplexed when they return from a gang fight to find a stranger in their car. The activities and presence of the stranger raise suspicion. 

Cast and Crew :

  • Dev Mohan
  • Vinayakan
  • Shine Tom Chacko
  • Lal
  • Veena Nair
  • Srinda
  • Sreelatha Namboothiri
  • Sohan Seenulal

Quick Recap On Stroy :  

“Panthrand” tells the story of a group of twelve people led by two brothers. Strangely, the older brother of the gang leader stops doing anything illegal and becomes a fisherman instead. His transformation was caused by the brothers’ disagreement over this decision. Panthrand

Reviews : 

Leo Thaddeus’ most recent film, the biblical adaptation Panthrand, is set in Kerala.The audience is kept in the dark about the holy play’s plan for a while.However, the plotting of the drama is so uninteresting that the emotional curve of the narrative does not change even after the surreal aspect of the story is revealed.

Siblings Andhro (Vinayakan) and Pathro (Sparkle Tom Chacko) are responsible for a 11-man citation posse.One day, as they are returning from a “work,” they come across an unknown man in their van. They brutally dump him on the way, but he makes it to the village where Andhro and his team live with their family.

His name is Immanuel (Dev Mohan), and his endearing smile and oud quickly win over the hamlet.He puts Peelu (Lal), a local politician who supports the gang, to the test and persuades Andhro to stop all of his illegal activities and go back to fishing.Why is Immanuel arguing with the people who are using the quotes while he is in the village?Will his influence change the henchmen into nice people?These solutions form the basis for the remainder of the film."Panthrand" Malyalam Series Review

Shine Tom plays Pathro brilliantly, playing the anti-hero role in a truly original manner once more.He makes for entertaining television with his crazy antics and action sequences.Vinayakan presents himself convincingly as a gang leader who returns to fishing.Dev Mohan looks great in this action-thriller, but he doesn’t really connect with the audience like he did in his first romantic role, Sufiyum Sujathayum.The movie depicts Immanuel as a mystical figure who, like a modern Jesus Christ, heals the sick and performs other miraculous feats.

The first half of the movie moves quickly until a certain point before slowing down, but you keep watching because you want to know what happens next.The “final supper,” in which the family eats on the beach, is another scene that adds to the film’s sense of mystery. 

The film’s best feature is Swaroop Shoba’s cinematography.He captures the sea, sailing, fishing, beach, and sunset views with skill.In Melle En Pranayam and Vaanthiril Mizhi, Shahabaz Aman’s voice is soothing, and Alphons Joseph’s BGM is equally outstanding.Despite these benefits, the film lacks substance due to its length and convoluted plot, particularly with regard to Vinayakan’s character.Although Dev Mohan does an excellent job, the film lacks the same charm as his debut.Prashant, Srinda, Swetha Vinod, and Veena Nair are the four actors who excel in their roles.The movie is an action thriller with themes of brotherly love, family, and friendship that will also appeal to families. 

Some Fans Review : 

The film, in my opinion, was beautifully shot, and each actor did an excellent job of acting.Because there aren’t enough words to adequately describe it, watch this movie twice to better comprehend and relate to it.

We feel a healthy amount of agitation and instinct in response to this film. 

I’m being compelled to take positive action by something vivid. 

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