Prince Harry and Prince William Reunites As Queen Passed Away

Prince Harry and Prince William comes together as Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8th September 2022. Her death brought an end to the longest-going monarchy in the United Kingdom. The Queen left behind son Prince Charles III, Grandsons Prince Harry and Prince William, and a lot more from the royal family.

It is known that Prince Harry is going through a difficult time with the Royal Family. He has been rough with the Kingdom for a long time now. And it all started after his grand wedding to the American actress Megan Markle.

He left his royal duties behind and officially withdrew from Buckingham Palace, the United Kingdom. After all, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seen joining the Platinum Jubilee this year. Where they were invited by Queen Elizabeth itself.

However, things didn’t improve much that time and they left the palace. Prince Harry accompanied his wife to the United States. Also, they were visiting countries for some charity work.

Queen Elizabeth falls ill meantime. And the prince had to rush to Balmoral to see his allying grandmother. Queen took her last breath on Thursday. Upon her death, Prince Charles took the charge as the British King.

The report suggests that prince William invited both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the walkabout. They seemed to pay tribute to the late queen.

Prince Harry and Prince William reunite post the death of the late queen. And they are having each other’s back in this hard time. But they did not attend the Accession Ceremony. Where Prince Charles III officially took over the King’s Throne.

Speculations are there that, King Charles III asked specifically Harry to not bring Markle. And that might be the reason behind them not joining the important event.

However, all of them are now residing in Buckingham Palace. Relations might improve between them meanwhile.

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