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‘Ram Setu’ Box Office Collection Day 2 | 26 October 2022 ,Wednesday:This movie dropped by 30 percent on Wednesday

‘Ram Setu’ Box Office Collection Day 2 | 26 October 2022- Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez’s there is a great chance of becoming a hit- ‘Ram Setu’ 2022 is an Indian traditional film. It is a Hindi language-based film from India. The movie was released on the 25th of October 2022. It is an action plus adventurous film it is directed and written by Abhishek Sharma.

The story of the movie is based on the ancient Indian epic Ramayana. In the movie, an archaeologist followed by some others is looking at the nature of Ram Setu. In English terms, Ram Setu means Adam’s Bridge. The producers of the movie are Arun Bhatia alongside Vikram Malhotra. Back in 2020, the official announcement of the movie was done. The release date of the movie was delayed due to the pandemic of covid-19. Firstly, the date of resume shooting was declared on 30th March 2021 but later it was resumed on October 2021 due to the pandemic.

Then, after that shooting was done in various places in India such as Ooty, Daman and Diu, and Mumbai. Except India movie was filmed in Dubai also.

After the introduction, now we will focus on our topic of discussion what is the box office collection of Ram Setu Day 1— Before the movie was released the predicted amount of the day 1 collection is 12 crores maximum of up to 14 crores. But in reality, it is a different box office collection on day 1 is 15.50 crore which bit more than the expected rate.

The day 1 box office collection shows that there is a great chance of becoming a hit. A reason for more collection than expected is there were some mass centres that patronized the movie so well, this is added to the numbers which were anticipated to come from different multiplexes.

Even from, the first show in the morning fans was coming to watch the movie but due to Diwali it some time to reach its peak. As the day wore on more and more fans were coming to the theatres. The reason for bit delay is the families were busy because of the last day Diwali celebration. From, the afternoon things started getting better for the movie, and by the afternoon the movie pick up pace in box office collection. The last day of “Ram Setu” is much better than expected fans were very happy after watching the movie.

Although, only on the first day of the show 15+ corers is much better and today on Bhai Dooj casts and directors can expect more collection at the box office.

Ram setu2nd Day ‘Ram Setu’ Box office collection 11 crore on Wednesday, 26 October 2022 . And Ram Setu dropped by 30% sell on Wednesday

‘Ram Setu’ Box Office collection Day 1 Overview

 Movie Budget  150 Crore
Movie Release Date 25 October 2022
Audiance Review  4 Stars Rate
1 Day Box office collection  15 Crore

‘Ram Setu’ Box Office collection Day 2 Overview

 Movie Budget  150 Crore
Release Date  25 October 2022
Audiance Rivew  4.5 Rate
 Day 2 Box office Collection  11 Crore

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