‘Ram Setu’ Movie Review: What review rate the audience gives in this film story and Cast? 

‘Ram Setu’ Movie Review: What review rate the audience gives in this film 

The film Ram Setu is another new introduction to that new generation of Indian cinema.

Who has interest like Kantara in his folktales.Director Ayan Mukherji started this work in Hindi cinema and he too had to face an abomination campaign on social media around it. Abhishek Sharma is in a slightly better position in this matter. In order to guide them step by step, they have been doing research on Indian history for a long time. Producer-Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi has been together.

‘Ram Setu’ Movie cast-In this movie main role play as Akshay Kumar , Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrratt Bhuraccha ,Satya Dev ,Shubham and Nasir. 

'Ram Setu' Movie Review

Writers: Abhishek Sharma

Director: Abhishek Sharma

Producers: cape of good films,abundantia entertainment pvt LTD.,prime video and Laika production

‘Ram Setu’ Movie  Release date: 25 October 2022

‘Ram Setu’ Movie Review: After the emotion that is about Shri Ram in our country, if a film comes in the name of Shri Ram and talks about Ram Setu related to him, then it is not a big deal for this film to be discussed. But can only Ram’s name be able to cross the road of the film. You will know this in the review .

The year is yet to complete and actor Akshay Kumar hasn’t received any good news at the box office since his last hit film ‘Suryavanshi’.

This year is the last pool of Akshay Kumar to maintain the brand value in Hindi cinema by the film ‘ Ram Setu’. 2 out of 5 review rate the audience gives in this film. There has been a long tradition abroad of making suspense and thriller films by mixing old fiction with modern thinking and the interesting example of this tradition film is ‘ Da Vinci Code’ directed by Ron howard.

'Ram Setu' Movie Review‘Ram Setu’ Movie Story- This is the story of ‘Ram Setu’, which the government wants to bring down because it is coming in the way of a big project of a big businessman.

From Archaeologist and atheist Akshay Kumar, this businessman wants him to prove that Ram Setu was not built by Khushiram. He is made on his own i.e. It is natural.Will Akshay Kumar do this and if he does, how will he do it. Will the existence of Shri Ram’s bridge be proved and if it happens, then how it happens, this is the basic story of this film.

The biggest strength of this film is that the name of Shri Ram is associated with this film and this is the only strength of this film.

‘Ram Setu’ is Best Emotional and Drama Film. And this movie is getting good reviews from the audience on social networks.

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