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Ratchan: the Ghost (2022) Tamil Movie on Netflix | Review

Ratchan: The Ghost (2022) Movie Review Tamil-Here Nagarjuna Akkineni’s yet another action thriller movie The Ghost was released on October 5, 2022. This is a Telugu movie.  Praveen Sattaru wrote the story and directed the film. The shooting of the film was taken place in Ooty, Hyderabad, and Dubai. This movie is also dubbed in Tamil as Ratchan: The Ghost. Netflix got the digital rights of the movies both Tamil and Telugu versions. On November 2, 2022, Netflix streamed the movie on its platform.

The casts and their roles: 

The protagonist of the movie Vikram Naidu was played by Nagarjuna.

  1. Nagarjuna Akkineni’s as Vikram Naidu
  2. Sonal Chauhan as Priya
  3. Gul Panag as Anupama
  4. Manish Chaudhari as Lala
  5. Ravi Varma as Pankaj Nair
  6. Srikanth Iyengar as Harish
  7. Anikha Surendran as Aditi Nair
  8. Bilal Hossein as Scorpion
  9. Aniruth Balaji as Siddhant Nair.

It is the story of an Interpol officer who is carrying guilt for the death of a boy who was shot and killed under his supervision. Later he becomes a bodyguard for his sister’s daughter. The climax reveals how he saves his sister and daughter by killing the Antagonist and his men. The storyline of the movie is a common plot that we can identify in many movies.

We are familiar with the concept of a big talented agent suffering from a post-traumatic incident from his past. Though the storyline is not something special, the actors did their part well in the movie. Nagarjun and Sonal Chauhan pull together the storyline and make the plot outstanding. Not like the other movies the director did a great job by putting action sequences for both male and female leads. It looks refreshing.Ratchan: the Ghost

Ratchan: The Ghost storyline

An Interpol field agent, Vikram Naidu has anger management and suffers from nightmares.

In that nightmare, he was ten years old and his mother was killed in the riot. Vikram and Priya are working on the same mission to save an Indian businessman’s son. Focussing on the staunchness of the mission the boy got shot and killed. Later he carries the guilt of the boy’s death and breakup with Priya. After the incident, he retired from Interpol and become a freelance guard. After five years Priya starts working at NCB in Mumbai.Ratchan: the Ghost

Later Vikram travels to Ooty to meet his sister Anupama Nair after getting a call from her. He recalls his past, how he was saved by Nagendra Naidu, and he was adopted by him. After some years Anupama leaves her father and brother to marry the love of her life, Ashok Nair. When meeting with his brother Anu explains to him that her daughter Aditi was in danger and she also got threatened. So Vikram decides to be a bodyguard for Anu’s daughter Aditi. After some days Aditi leaves for a trip to Goa with her friends without Vikram’s knowledge.

In Goa Aditi and her friends were drugged and kidnapped by some men. But Vikram got on the correct time to save them. Later, someone plans a car accident to kill Anupama, and that plan was succeed. Meanwhile, Vikram and Aditi become a victim of a bomb blast. But both of them escaped from the bomb blast and knows about the death of Anupama.

There is a flashback going on in the background which reveals that after the death of the boy Vikram turns himself into a ghost and kills the gangsters and criminals. Later it was revealed that the attack was planned by the group scorpion under the instructions of Siran Group Heir Siddhant Nair. In the climax, Vikram kills Siddhant and his men and also finds that Anupama was not dead. Later the mother and reunites with each other.

Audience Review    

The film got both praise and critical reviews. Viewers don’t expect a lot of emotions in the action film. They praise the director for the bonding between Vikram and Anupama and of course the action sequence. The audience finds the movie unique. Some of them say the movie is only for Nagarjuna’s fans. Some reviews say that even starring the Great Star the movie becomes an eyesore and earsore. But the blend of action and deep emotions will make you watch the movie. If you are a lover of emotional films or lover of the action thriller then what are you waiting for? Ratchan: The Ghost will give you a taste of both.

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