Fernando Colunga ‘Secret of the Greco Family’ Review

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‘The Secret of the Greco Family’ Review: Netflix Knows How to Entertain-The Secret of the Greco Family or in its originally scripted language ‘El Secreto de la Familia Greco’ is an entertaining piece, very recently conjured by none other than Netflix in the dark, Mexican drama and crime-thriller genre. The first episode was released on November 4, 2022.

It is adapted mostly from the Puccio family but given a turn by the Greco family. The first season has a total of nine episodes, streaming on Netflix. The Puccio family was shown in a small Argentinian series ‘Historia de un Clan’. The director of the web series is Alejandro Ciancio, who has built an intriguing storyline, hopefully, most of which is not true to life, otherwise, it is not really a safe world we live in. Want to know the storyline and cast? Read on to find out.Netflix


  1. Fernando Colunga as Aquiles Greco
  2. Manuel Masalva as Andres Greco
  3. Paula Reca as Veronica
  4. Lisa Owen as Marta Greco
  5. Antonio de la Vega
  6. Roberta Damian as Abril Greco
  7. Rafael Ferro
  8. Alejandro de Hoyos Parera as Dario Greco
  9. Samantha Siqueiros as Sabrina Greco
  10. Luis Machin


The well-off, decent and classy Greco family secretly abducts people with enough money to maintain their stature, for ransom. The base of the story revolves around a mentally ill-balanced man named Aquiles Greco, who will stop at nothing to gain prominence in his life. He justifies his horrendous actions by disguising them in the name of love for his family. His wife and daughters are unaware of how bread reaches their tables, with all the planning taking place between him and his son, especially his eldest son Andres Greco.

Andres is a professional polo player, while his younger sibling Dario has recently returned from his expeditions at the request of his father. Andres’ interaction with the high-class people is the pole on which the plan is standing. In the first episode, we see Aquiles sharing the financial condition of the family with his sons, hence reasoning with them with a criminal plan. Andres’s affluent friend is decided as the first target of the master plan.The Secret of the Greco Family


The show sat pretty well with the Netflix audience, who usually has not been able to deliver successful multi-lingual shows or movies recently. IMDb has rated this show a 6.3 out of 10, and the Martin Cid Magazine has rated it 3.2 out of 5. Some other rating websites have also rated it in a similar manner such as FilmyHype’s 3 out of 5, and Leisurebyte has given a meager rating of 3.5 out of 5.

As for the audience’s comments, many comments tell us that the show could’ve been wrapped up nicely in 6 episodes itself, but has been extended to 9 for vague reasons. But as far as the storyline, dialogue delivery, and acting are concerned, the viewers are loving the plot of a respectable, well-educated Mexican family going rogue, just in order to live a lavish life. It is unique and unusual but is proving to be of interest and awe for Netflix’s worldwide viewership.

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