Shantaram starring Charlie Hunnam: A Positive New Web-Series S1

‘Shantaram’ starring Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Matthew Hunnam is an English actor, best known for starring in the sci-fi movies Pacific Rim and its sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, and also for the drama Sons of Anarchy, released in 1999. He is 42 years old, married since 2005 to Morgana McNeils. His latest project is a drama/thriller Apple TV+ series, named ‘Shantaram’, steered initially by Erik Singer, and later on, by Steve Lightfoot and Bharat Nalluri; in which he is playing the lead role of Lin aka Lindsay Ford, an Australian escaped fugitive and heroin addict.

He takes refuge in India, on a fake passport and in the disguise of a doctor, to avoid his recapture, when a series of surprising events take place, including him working for an Afghani mafia & falling for a mysterious American-Swedish woman named Karla (played by Antonia Desplat).

The storyline is set in late 1980s Bombay, depicting a colorful background.

The TV series is based on the novel ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts written in 2003. It has excellent ratings of 4.4/5 from Amazon, Goodreads, and Flipkart alike. The sequel to the book was also written & released in 2015, titled ‘The Mountain Shadow’.


                 The book became a hit in a short period of time, with many major production houses becoming interested to adapt it on the green screen. One of the same major production houses, was Warner Bros, who won the bid for the film’s rights for a whopping sum of $2 million dollars, especially since Johnny Depp expressed his love for the book version. A couple of years later, WB hired the scriptwriter Eric Roth to edit the primary draft by the author.

The shooting for the series was scheduled to commence in 2007 but was canceled owing to scripting difficulties, improper management, and volatile weather complications.

In 2018, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television Studios acquired the rights to ‘Shantaram’, releasing speculations in the air for the revival of the project. Casting began in 2019, for the roles of Lin, Kavita, and Kader Khan which were to be played by Charlie Hunnam, Radhika Apte, and Amitabh Bachchan (rumored) respectively. However, in March 2021, Alexander Siddig was approached to play the role of Kader Khan.

The series was shot in Victoria, Australia, and Bhopal, India as its primary locations, but was reset to Melbourne, Australia, and Thailand additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ten-part series made its debut on 14th October 2022, on Apple TV+ streaming platform.

Reviews from all over tell us it’s going to be incredibly fun and attention-grabbing.

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