Summer Season Business Idea – Sugarcane Juice Business

Summer Season Business Idea – If you do business according to the season, then there are many chances of your business going on. So as you know that the summer season is about to come, so if you start any business according to the summer. So your business can run very well, and you can earn in thousands.

In the previous post, we had given you information about a business according to the summer. We are getting a lot of comments in that post, and are asking for information about more business ideas through comments. Which can be started in summer. So friends, you remain in this post today as well, today we have once again brought a tremendous business idea for you, if you do this business in the summer season, then you will be able to earn a lot of money.

Start sugarcane juice business

In the summer season, there would hardly be any person who would have survived by drinking sugarcane juice. Because everyone likes to drink sugarcane juice in summer, because sugarcane juice is very tasty in taste, and also gives us relief from heat in summer. So if you start sugarcane juice business in summer, then your business can run very well.

Its demand increases a lot in the summer season –

In the summer season, the demand for cold things like juice, ice cream and cold drinks increases a lot, and if we talk about sugarcane juice, then its demand also increases much more than other juices. Because drinking sugarcane juice in summer is very good for both health and well being.

You can start this business with this machine –

It takes a lot of investment to extract sugarcane juice, because the cost of sugarcane juice extractor machine is very high. But a new machine has just come in the market, sugarcane juice extractor. If you do the business of extracting sugarcane juice from this machine, then your cost becomes very less. And through this machine you can start this business on two wheeler bike or scooty also.

You can start this business with so much investment –

This business takes you a little more investment, because it requires a machine, which costs around ₹ 52000. Apart from the machine, you have to spend 25 to 30 thousand rupees separately, because apart from the machine you have to make electricity connection, buy sugarcane, other small things like glasses, fiber box to keep ice etc. The cost of which goes from 25 to 30 thousand. So if you add the full cost, then you can start this business for around ₹ 80000.

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A person can also start this business –

If you are looking for a business that even a single person can do. So in this way you can do sugarcane juice business. You can see information about how a single person can do this business in a good way in the video below. A live demo of this business is given in the video.

You can earn 800 to ₹ 1000 per day –

If a single person starts this business, then can easily earn from Rs 800 to Rs 1 thousand per day. So if you like this business, then you can do more research related to this business. After doing more research, you can earn thousands of rupees by starting this business in this summer season.

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