TATA IPL 2022 : Top 10 Unsold Player Return

TATA IPL 2022  – Friends, a lot of players were unsold in the mug auction of IPL 2022, these players were not bought by any team in this auction, but in spite of that there are 10 players in the list of unsold players, this time going to return in IPL 2022. So let’s know why and how these players will return in IPL 2022, then read this article carefully.

Why Player Replacements Happen

In fact, whenever IPL starts, many players get injured before or after the start of the match, which means they become physically disparate for some time or even some players who leave IPL in the middle due to their personal reasons. They return to their country, due to which the IPL teams have to announce the replacement in their place, in their place another player has to be included.

Rules for replacement

But the rules of IPL say that you cannot include any player in your team as a replacement, all those players who were named in the auction but were unsold, they were not bought by anyone, then the players who were unsold. In the list you can call in replacement

For example, Australia’s most dangerous player, Mithel Starc, now he did not even give his name in the mega auction of IPL 2022, due to which he was not bought by any team, so if any of your players get injured, then replace them. You cannot include Mitchell Starc as a replacement.

The return of these 10 dangerous players

So now let us tell you that they were unsold in the mega auction of IPL 2022, they were not meant to be BK, but even after that they can return in IPL 2022 as a replacement, so let’s know those 10 players who have returned in IPL 2022.

1. Rahman Ullah Gurbaz

The first player in this list is Afghanistan’s tremendous wicket-keeper batsman Ahmed Ullah Gurbaz, his base price was kept only 50 lakhs in IPL 2022 Mega Auction but no team had bought him in the auction but after that jason roy Gujarat Titan team Those who were involved had withdrawn their names from IPL for some reason due to which Gujarat Titan has included Ahmed Ullah Gurbaz in their team.

2. Suresh Raina

Friends, the second number in this list is Mr. Suresh Raina, who is called IPL. Suresh Raina is the highest run-scorer in the IPL and he has had a great performance in the IPL, despite this, he was unsold in the mega auction this time. The team was also not included, which all the fans were quite surprised to see and the most surprising thing is that the Chennai Super Kings also did not bid on them.

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It is not yet decided which team will include them in their team as a replacement, but if any team needs a batsman in the form of a great middle order, then they can include it in their team Suresh Raina Mega Auction I was bought for Rs. 2 crores, whichever team will buy them, they will have to pay Rs. 2 crores.

3. Saqib Ul Hasan 

Friends, at number three, Bangladesh’s best all-rounder Sakib-ul-Hasan, who also bats brilliantly along with his bowling, this player was also bought in IPL’s mega auction for Rs 2 crore, now which team is going to include him in his team. is not decided yet.

4. Moises hendrix

Australia’s best all-rounder Mauritius Hendricks is also included in this replacement list, now it has to be seen which team includes him in his team at the base price of Rs 1 crore.TATA IPL 2022

5. David Visa

Friends, Namibia’s tremendous all-rounder David Visa, who has previously played for South Africa, is also included in the replacement list. |

6. adam zampa

Australia’s tremendous spinner Adam Zampa can be included as a replacement, any team can include this player as a replacement for his base price of Rs 2 crore.

7. andrew tie

Australia’s best fast bowler Andro Dye, whichever team can include him as a replacement in their team for a base price of Rs 1 crore.

8. Kane Richardson

Australian fast bowler Kane Richardson IPL 2022 It was sold for Rs 1.5 crore in the mega auction of K. If any team wants a fast bowler, then they can include them in their team.

9. Ishaan Sharma 

Ishaan Sharma is an Indian fast bowler who was bought for Rs 1.5 crore in the IPL 2022 mega action, if any team wants it, he will have to pay 1.5 crore as a replacement.

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10. Dhawan Kulkarni 

Friends, this list is included at number 10, Dhawan Kulkarni will be available for 75 lakh rupees, if whichever team wants, then as an Indian player, Dhawan Kulkarni can be the best option.

Conclusion :

Any team can include any player from the unsold player at any time in its team in the base price of that player. Friends, in this article, we have given you 10 players of IPL 2022 (TATA IPL 2022: Top 10 Unsold Player Return) whom any team can buy as replacement, these players have more chances in the replacement list.

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