Tech Tips 2022 : How to find your lost phone

How to find your lost phone

We often lost a lot of things in our daily lives, it could be very essential ones or something that we use occasionally but that cost us a lot because every little or big thing is a integral part of our lives. But imagine losing your mobile phone yeah it sounds terrible and that’s exactly what it is.

Because without our mobile a single second seems like an hour but in spite of worrying we should try to find that . Yeah we’re not sure that we will find that or not but here are some ways paths that you can follow to find your lost phone. Firstly you have to stay calm and not panic.

One’s mobile phone consist a lot of information mostly personal information like Google accounts , bank accounts, personal pictures, passwords, phone numbers and a lot of stuff like that . So losing your phone could cost you to some major backlashes. you could be a victim of blackmailing or some major terrible social and economical fraud . So it is very important to find your phone , in order to protect yourself .

How to find your lost phone

The first step that you can do if you feel that you have lost your phone is to find everywhere . Sometime it’s happened that you have kept it in your house or somewhere familiar and forget it later so in that case be quiet and find peacefully .But if that doesn’t work there are are other ways that you should follow .

1.Tip: In case you don’t find it normally then you sign into Android device with your Google account ,Find My Device is automatically turned on then go to find my device services. what you will use should your phone ever be missing to track remotely log and remotely erase it

2.Tip: There are retrieval technology available both on Android and iPhone that allow you to remotely lock and wipe your phone make it rain and set up special messages to alert whoever finds it but it will happen till the time the battery of the phone is available on.

3.Tip: The easiest way that you can find your phone is Find My Device you can download it from Google Play store using this you should search for where is my phone in Google which will prompt the service to search for your phone.First you open your device and go to settings and then Google and tap on Find My Device then type Find My Device then toggle on the Find My Device setting it should be always on.

This will show you the device pinpointed on the map but in this there is no assurity that if you find this or not. your device will need an Internet connection to communicate with you.

How to find your lost phone

4.Tip: In case of an apple phone the first thing that you have to do is install Find My iPhone from another device. Then tap settings your Apple ID that is your name and tap on Find My iPhone and then press the ON button. Toggle on the find my network and send last location switches . Return to setting then put Apple ID and Scroll down to all the devices in it list tab the device you’re missing. Tap Find My iPhone and then tap to show in Find My iPhone to bring up a map and then it will show you the location on map.

As we all know that iPhone have a high level security so opening is is not an easy thing to do. But still there are hackers as well.

This basics step can be followed to find a phone. Though some people prefers to go to police station and file a complaint. You can do that too.

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